27 degrees, gorgeous blue skies and no wind = a PERFECT day for a speed workout! I headed to a path I haven’t ran on since last year – and it was worth the drive. I wish I had more running paths near my house. I felt so light and happy running along the smooth asphalt, never having to dodge potholes, beer bottles or cars! Pure heaven I tell ya!

The total workout was 5.2 miles, with a mile to warm up, three miles of speedwork, then a cooldown. 56:11 total with an average pace of 10:48, which is pretty good for me considering I walked at the beginning to warm up and walked at the end to cool down. Here’s my splits: mile 1 – 10:35, mile 2 – 9:03, mile 3 – 10:29, mile 4 – 8:32 (DID YOU SEE THAT?! ), mile 5 – 15:42 (walking cool down.)

I’m pretty pleased I’ve passed my monthly goals for November. I may bump my monthly goal up to 85 for December and see how that goes.

I think I’m going to sell the treadmill and the stairclimber in my room. I really thought I’d use them more — but I’m too in love with the outdoors to ever use them it seems. I have surprised myself with how much I’m loving the wii fit also! It turns out I’m actually DOING cross training for once and sticking with it!!! I use it 5 times a week and am starting to see more definition in my stomach, upper arms and back. Adding hillwork to my running plan has also been a plus this month. My butt is finally looking a bit less like it’s dripping onto my thighs.  If I keep this up, maybe I’ll get a JayLo rear!  How cool would that be?

So, Wayne and I talked about the workout stuff today and decided to just put both items on craig’s list and buy ourselves a tv for our bedroom and another wii just for us to use in there. Can you believe that the kids make it hard to get a turn in to exercise with that thing almost every day. I know! – SHOCKING, huh? Wayne’s been selling off the baby stuff this week – the highchair, the wooden booster seat, the pack and play, the backpack carrier, etc — and we’re wanting to use the moula to buy ourselves a tv (that I can do dvd workouts with in my room) and a second wii. I think it’ll be fun to have our own little place to relax and workout in peace.  AND… I’ve been begging for a tv for the bedroom for YEARS, so this will also mean a bit more unwinding time for Wayne and I in our room which I think will be a positive thing.

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