I was looking forward to running with Bertha today on her lunch break, but when I arrived, she was just swamped with work. Poor thing. She had on her running tights and sports bra under her dressy clothes and wanted to go so bad, but her boss wouldn’t let her. So.. I headed back home and got in 2.15 miles and did a little speedwork. It was SO windy, so that made the effort much harder, but I hung in there and did the first two miles in 18:42. Cooled down the last .15. I figure two miles is better than no miles at all today.  Bertha and I are meeting at her house tomorrow morning to get in a longer run before we go our separate ways and celebrate the holiday (and in my case – Wayne Jr’s 9th birthday!) 

Scale this morning – 128.8. Heading back in the right direction. Feel on track again foodwise. I am doing good with continuing to use the wii fit for my strength and yoga work and I’ve even got Wayne and the kids aiming for 30 min of exercise on it each day, so I’m pleased!

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