I did the wii on Sunday for half an hour – got in strength and yoga. My knees were really starting to bother me from doing the wii every day, so I’d taken Friday and Saturday off. I think I figured out what was causing the problems though. There’s this hula hooping game on there (I hold the family record at it ) -but you’re supposed to exaggerate your hip twirl to get the most “points” and I think I was overextending my knees a bit doing that.

Wayne’s on his new work schedule now and I’m so excited!!!! I get to wake up with him (which hasn’t happened except for weekends for YEARS!), and he’s home until lunchtime, so he can watch the kids while I go running in the DAYLIGHT! Today I got in 5.12 miles in the country. I was a bit sluggish, but I’m confident if I get back into my usual routine, that will fade very soon. I’m still adjusting to the cold. I admit – I don’t like it very much – especially the wind — but I did it last year and I’ll do it again. 

Today’s am weight – 129.0 — inching back to my “safe” zone.  I really am reigning myself back in and trying to control my eating this holiday season. It’s tough not to overdo the goodies, the meats and the heavy foods this time of year – but I can do it!

Oh, here’s a fun little thing. I got a new pair of jeans yesterday. The kids call them my “Rock and Roll” jeans.  They have tears and patches all over them, their a dark rinse, they have metal stud-things on the pockets and they have small chains on one of the pockets! I feel so rebellious on them and I  them! I made Wayne suffer through a fashion show last night while I tried on every single shirt and sweater I own with them. You know – they go with SO many things! I have this pair of short black boots with silver buckles that look good with them, a really cute L.E.I. white t-shirt with a v-neck that looked good with them and a thick black belt with silver stud things that really completed the look. I also put on some large silver hoop earrings. I am SO ready for our anniversary date now!  Wayne honestly was  over the outfit and that just made my day. I have to admit — this running thing has really given me a much healthier, trimmer body than I ever imagined I would have after having five children. I’m SO thankful I became a runner again!

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