Got in 3.5 miles today. Boy, were my legs fatigued from all that strength, yoga and balance work this week! I knew I was a bit sore, but I really felt it once I started running. I think I’ll take the next couple of days off from the wii to give my muscles a break and prepare for my 8 miler this weekend with my two girlfriends.  It was so windy out there today. I love running with a breeze but really dislike running against the wind! Brrrrrrrrr

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t get in as many miles as I’d hoped this week. The first week of November I did 19.08 miles, last week I did 26 miles and this week it looks like I’ll only get in 11.5. My goal is to keep my average close to 20 per week during my off season just to keep a good maintenance level of fitness. Wayne worked a lot of overtime this week, though, so it’s been harder to get my runs in. One thing that will help later this month though is a schedule change for Wayne! He requested new hours, so that he can work at home in the mornings on his second business and I can get in some runs during the daylight hours before our homeschool day! I’m thrilled about it! 

The scale said 129 again this morning, so I’m thankful for that too.

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