My wii age so far has been: 38, 38, 36 and 38. Apparently I can’t hit my real age (37) but I’m close. My balance sucks still though, so it will probably take a while for me to get to a wii age I like better.  You should pull yours out! It’s so much fun!!! We had people over until late last night and the kids just played and played that thing! They love it. I am having to sneak up early in the morning like today to get a turn or do my yoga and strength and balance exercises during the older kids’ math times and chore times to get my workouts in! I’m having so much more fun with this than I thought I would and I swear the “trainer” feels like a real trainer to me!!!! (Not that I’ve ever had a real one – but I am loving it!)

She keeps telling me that I have a tight left side and that side is also the one I do the worst on balance tests. That’s the side I injured last year, so I know it’s true. I think it’s helpful to hear those things and to try to improve.  If I can work on my posture and core through this maybe it will finally fix my worst trouble spot — my belly! I swear that hula hoop game (of which I’m the champion of the family) really does seem to work the abs!  I do the silly, little running one too and it tells me I’m a great runner.  Now, you don’t even want to know how badly I suck at the balance table one or the tight rope. Let’s just say I die a quick death in those and even the kids can beat me bad!

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