I forgot to also mention that Wayne got me the Wii Fit last night at a Game store used! I’m so pumped! It was only $40 WITH the balance board! The whole family played with it last night, set up our players with BMI’s, goals and played some games! According to my wii – my BMI is 22, I weigh 129 and my wii age is 38. Not bad considering I’m 37.  I’ll keep working on it and try to get my age closer to 30!  4 of my children were in the “normal” range for BMI but Rebecca was just a hair underweight, so we set her goal up to gain 4 lbs over the next year.  Since she’s a vegetarian, she’s a pretty slim little gal. I’m sure we’ll be able to get her back into the normal range. I was happy to see Wayne Jr is finally normal – though just barely. He and Becca both have BMI’s of around 13%! That sounds so tiny! It’s hard to get your head around it when you think of the normal grown up numbers.  My husband was a bit overweight. He’s 207 and 6 foot tall. I’m really proud of him for focusing on exercise more this past few months though. He’s played more tennis, walked more and biked more. Now that he’s doing the C25K I know he’ll start to see some of those extra pounds finally leave and he’ll feel so much healthier! Running certainly helped me in those areas and I’m excited to see him enjoy the same benefits I’ve found in the last year and a half!. 

Bertha and I also decided today to try and meet once a week to do some Pilates or Yoga since we both want to implement other things into our running schedule.  Having a partner to do it with will help me in those areas as well!

AND…. I tried my first GU today and really disliked it! I know! I’m an oddball – but I really don’t like the super sugary sweet syrupy taste or texture at all.  I will have to try a cereal bar and Gatorade on my next long run and see how that goes instead. Who cares if it’s unconventional?!  It might be yummy!

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