You know, I feel like a ten ton weight has been lifted since Wayne announced his cancellation. I feel a little bit of Mommy guilt about it — but I’m trying not to go there. The kids seemed fine with the news honestly. We’ll still play chess with them on our own (we keep two chess boards set up right on our dinner table and often play during meals) and I think Becca and Jr still have an honest shot at first place in their grades at state –but — even if that isn’t how the cards play out — I really think we’re fine with it. That’s a good feeling too. Less pressure! Wayne and I also decided that we’d like to give the three older kids some exposure to a sport that each of them is interested in over the next several months. Rebecca’s interested in gymastics and our local recreation center offers classes that you can take on a month-by-month plan. The last time she did it, she was only 7! Jr has been interested in doing baseball for some time and Josh is always kicking around the soccer ball in the backyard. Our hope is that by taking some of our committed time away from chess, we’ll be able to spread out our interests and time more with the kids. We may be insane and end up overwhelmed again —– but we’d at least like to try. Two of those things wouldn’t happen until Springtime — right when the chess state tournaments are finishing up.

Have I ever told any of you Wayne and I’s crazy pipe dream? We really want to be able to travel for a year in an RV with the kids and see as much of the US as we can. We figure it would take homeschooling to a whole new level and give the kids some really great adventures and experiences to take with them through life. We’re still in the early planning stages, but we hope to be able to do the trip in 3-5 years. I want Savannah to be old enough to remember this “U.S. tour” when she’s older. I’ve read about other families doing this and I just think it would be the coolest adventure as a family!  IF – and it’s a big if — we pulled this off — we’d love to save up and then do a three month tour of Europe when the kids are in their teens too! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!!! So, we’re kind of hoping to be able to give the kids a sampling of some of the other “normal” things they should be doing like the baseball and gymnastics and soccer during this 3-5 year period so that we’re free to try the “U.S. adventure” later. We’re goofballs, huh?! 

Oh, and I should add my own selfish ambition too — I would love to do a race in every state while on our adventure! Wouldn’t that be cool?!!!!

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