I am so happy!  Wayne decided to CANCEL all our chess events for the rest of the year! That is, the kids will still participate in the state tournament and Becca will defend her Girls State championship in the spring — but other than those two tournaments — we canceled everything else! No more club at my house (I really hate hosting things – how bad is that to admit – but it’s true! It’s such a pain in the butt to get my house “guest worthy” with five kids who never leave.)  I adore my kids and I can live with legos on the floor — but I turn into Grumpy Mama when someone (or many someones) are coming over. I just hate the tension of it all!!! Anyways… Wayne also cancelled the local chess tournaments he’s been putting on. His other small business is just now taking off and he’s getting overwhelemed trying to keep all his balls in the air (that sounded funny!)  But, anyways… I’m thrilled that we’re taking a break — because that means I can run on Saturday mornings with Bertha again! 

This Saturday is something really special! Bertha, Davina, Emily and about 8 other people from D and E’s “team” are meeting us and we’re running 16 miles!! I am SO excited!!  I really need a nice, long, slow distance! Hmm.. with those girls, I might have to remove the word “slow” from it though.  It’ll be fun no matter what!

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