Ok, between the darkness falling before Wayne even gets home from work and my desperate need to keep running anyway — I came up with a clever plan today! While Wayne was at work today, and after our school day, I took the five kids to a local park. It was one mile there, then I left Savannah buckled into her stroller while the older kids played on the swingset and slides. We were the only ones there. I ran around and around and around — got in three miles there, then we walked back home (I had to carry Anneliese on my back for that part so I figure it made up for walking instead of running that part)  Anyways.. I got 5 miles in today — for a total of 24 miles even for the week!  I’m very happy with that!

Wayne finished his third run/walk in his first week of the C25K while on his lunch break at work today too!  I’m very proud of him!

I have to tell you I didn’t plan that well as far as timing today. We left our house around 3:30pm to head to the local park, spent about an hour and a half walking/playing and running, and came home FREEZING just after the sun set. Oops! Luckily, I’d started a nice pot roast this morning and had a loaf of bread in the bread machine waiting for us as we came in the door. Mmmmmm. We warmed up over our tasty meal and washed it down with minty hot cocoa!!!!!! Very nice!

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