27 degrees, gorgeous blue skies and no wind = a PERFECT day for a speed workout! I headed to a path I haven’t ran on since last year – and it was worth the drive. I wish I had more running paths near my house. I felt so light and happy running along the smooth asphalt, never having to dodge potholes, beer bottles or cars! Pure heaven I tell ya!

The total workout was 5.2 miles, with a mile to warm up, three miles of speedwork, then a cooldown. 56:11 total with an average pace of 10:48, which is pretty good for me considering I walked at the beginning to warm up and walked at the end to cool down. Here’s my splits: mile 1 – 10:35, mile 2 – 9:03, mile 3 – 10:29, mile 4 – 8:32 (DID YOU SEE THAT?! ), mile 5 – 15:42 (walking cool down.)

I’m pretty pleased I’ve passed my monthly goals for November. I may bump my monthly goal up to 85 for December and see how that goes.

I think I’m going to sell the treadmill and the stairclimber in my room. I really thought I’d use them more — but I’m too in love with the outdoors to ever use them it seems. I have surprised myself with how much I’m loving the wii fit also! It turns out I’m actually DOING cross training for once and sticking with it!!! I use it 5 times a week and am starting to see more definition in my stomach, upper arms and back. Adding hillwork to my running plan has also been a plus this month. My butt is finally looking a bit less like it’s dripping onto my thighs.  If I keep this up, maybe I’ll get a JayLo rear!  How cool would that be?

So, Wayne and I talked about the workout stuff today and decided to just put both items on craig’s list and buy ourselves a tv for our bedroom and another wii just for us to use in there. Can you believe that the kids make it hard to get a turn in to exercise with that thing almost every day. I know! – SHOCKING, huh? Wayne’s been selling off the baby stuff this week – the highchair, the wooden booster seat, the pack and play, the backpack carrier, etc — and we’re wanting to use the moula to buy ourselves a tv (that I can do dvd workouts with in my room) and a second wii. I think it’ll be fun to have our own little place to relax and workout in peace.  AND… I’ve been begging for a tv for the bedroom for YEARS, so this will also mean a bit more unwinding time for Wayne and I in our room which I think will be a positive thing.


Got in 35 minutes on strength, balance and yoga on the wii fit last night. 

I’m feeling sore from the hill repeats from yesterday — but it was a perfect workout for the half marathon I’m doing in April. I’m definitely adding more of those to my next training schedule since the half I’m doing is 8 miles UPHILL in rugged, dirt roads! The toughest half marathon in the Northwest is what they call it! I can’t wait!!!  I hear some of the path is so steep you can to literally CRAWL up it!  Can you believe my Mom did that race 4 times when she was my age? The first time she was 37 years old — my age! How cool will that be for me to do my first half at the same age she was?  My only fear is the system for getting in! It’s such a popular race that they do an online registration two months before the race — the spots are always taken within 20 minutes and it depends on your internet connection if you get in or not! I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck trying to get IN this year!!! Even though I was injured last year, I sat on the computer trying to get in – just in case I healed in time – and it was a no go! Could NOT get in. I hope this is my year!


I got in 5.01 miles with Bertha today and we did hill repeats! It about killed us, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!  We just sang to Wayne Jr (he’s 9 now! ) and we’re heading off to have Thanksgiving with the relatives in about an hour. I’m bringing turkey cupcakes for the kids today for Jr’s birthday. He’s so excited! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!


I was looking forward to running with Bertha today on her lunch break, but when I arrived, she was just swamped with work. Poor thing. She had on her running tights and sports bra under her dressy clothes and wanted to go so bad, but her boss wouldn’t let her. So.. I headed back home and got in 2.15 miles and did a little speedwork. It was SO windy, so that made the effort much harder, but I hung in there and did the first two miles in 18:42. Cooled down the last .15. I figure two miles is better than no miles at all today.  Bertha and I are meeting at her house tomorrow morning to get in a longer run before we go our separate ways and celebrate the holiday (and in my case – Wayne Jr’s 9th birthday!) 

Scale this morning – 128.8. Heading back in the right direction. Feel on track again foodwise. I am doing good with continuing to use the wii fit for my strength and yoga work and I’ve even got Wayne and the kids aiming for 30 min of exercise on it each day, so I’m pleased!


I did the wii on Sunday for half an hour – got in strength and yoga. My knees were really starting to bother me from doing the wii every day, so I’d taken Friday and Saturday off. I think I figured out what was causing the problems though. There’s this hula hooping game on there (I hold the family record at it ) -but you’re supposed to exaggerate your hip twirl to get the most “points” and I think I was overextending my knees a bit doing that.

Wayne’s on his new work schedule now and I’m so excited!!!! I get to wake up with him (which hasn’t happened except for weekends for YEARS!), and he’s home until lunchtime, so he can watch the kids while I go running in the DAYLIGHT! Today I got in 5.12 miles in the country. I was a bit sluggish, but I’m confident if I get back into my usual routine, that will fade very soon. I’m still adjusting to the cold. I admit – I don’t like it very much – especially the wind — but I did it last year and I’ll do it again. 

Today’s am weight – 129.0 — inching back to my “safe” zone.  I really am reigning myself back in and trying to control my eating this holiday season. It’s tough not to overdo the goodies, the meats and the heavy foods this time of year – but I can do it!

Oh, here’s a fun little thing. I got a new pair of jeans yesterday. The kids call them my “Rock and Roll” jeans.  They have tears and patches all over them, their a dark rinse, they have metal stud-things on the pockets and they have small chains on one of the pockets! I feel so rebellious on them and I  them! I made Wayne suffer through a fashion show last night while I tried on every single shirt and sweater I own with them. You know – they go with SO many things! I have this pair of short black boots with silver buckles that look good with them, a really cute L.E.I. white t-shirt with a v-neck that looked good with them and a thick black belt with silver stud things that really completed the look. I also put on some large silver hoop earrings. I am SO ready for our anniversary date now!  Wayne honestly was  over the outfit and that just made my day. I have to admit — this running thing has really given me a much healthier, trimmer body than I ever imagined I would have after having five children. I’m SO thankful I became a runner again!


What an adventurous 8.5 miles I had today! It was great catching up with my school chums, Marci and Bertha. The weather was cold but perfect for running (about 37 degrees when we started and 42 when we were done.) We ran past streams, horses, dogs barking in their yards and lots of beautiful fall foilage.

Then….just as we were about to end our run, we saw a small, white poodle standing in the middle of a busy road holding up about 8 cars. I stopped and stared for a minute, thinking the person out of the first car was the owner and was about to pick up the puppy so traffic could go back to normal. That person could not catch the dog, though. So.. I looked at my friends and said, “Hey, we’re runners – let’s help!” And I took off after the poodle – who was now running straight ahead down this busy street, with the backed up cars honking and wanting to be allowed to move ahead.

So, there I was running down the road chasing a little white ball of fluff — with traffic crawling at a snail’s pace waiting for me to grab and move the pup. The only problem was, as soon as I’m put on the speed, the little dog would speed up too!!!! I swear I thought it was some kind of joke! The faster I ran (and according to my Garmin I reached speeds of 5 min miles several times in small bursts) the doggie would go faster! I kept thinking “The legs are like 3 inches tall, HOW the heck is this possible?” Finally, I was able to get the dog off the road and into a parking lot. I leaned down and called, “Here puppy!” in my sweetest, puppy calling voice. The dog stopped and stayed about three feet away. I tried to inch in closer, but as soon as I moved towards it — it took off again — towards an even BUSIER road with 5 lanes of traffic!

Another passerby – a tall, lanky red haired guy had joined in the chase by this point. He raced after the dog, she veered, I raced after the dog and we almost boxed her in, then she bolted — right into the crowded street! I held my breath and the guy and I tried to get traffic to stop on all sides. Thankfully, it did, and off we ran – chasing the world’s fastest puppy! We chased her into a hospital parking lot but she kept right on running. I put on bursts of speed I didn’t even know I possessed — but she’d look over her shoulder and just pick up the pace again!

Finally, after about 15 minutes of chasing this little poof ball, we hear a little old woman’s voice calling out, “Nikki! Oh my Nikki! Come here, honey!” The frail, white haired woman was running towards us, her arms outstretched with tears running down her face — chasing this little poodle. The dog heard her master’s familiar voice, stopped, then came running into the arms where she belonged.  The red haired guy, my running pals who’d caught up and I all got to pet “Nikki” and hug the sweet older woman. It turns out the woman was visiting from out of town, her grandchildren were watching the dog and had accidently let her out of the house – and she was heartbroken searching all over for her. It was so wonderful to see such a happy ending for all.  As we left, the red haired guy said to me “Man, I’m too old to run that fast. Bertha and I said “That was some nice running – you should do a marathon sometime.”  He laughed. It was a good day.


Got in 3.5 miles today. Boy, were my legs fatigued from all that strength, yoga and balance work this week! I knew I was a bit sore, but I really felt it once I started running. I think I’ll take the next couple of days off from the wii to give my muscles a break and prepare for my 8 miler this weekend with my two girlfriends.  It was so windy out there today. I love running with a breeze but really dislike running against the wind! Brrrrrrrrr

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t get in as many miles as I’d hoped this week. The first week of November I did 19.08 miles, last week I did 26 miles and this week it looks like I’ll only get in 11.5. My goal is to keep my average close to 20 per week during my off season just to keep a good maintenance level of fitness. Wayne worked a lot of overtime this week, though, so it’s been harder to get my runs in. One thing that will help later this month though is a schedule change for Wayne! He requested new hours, so that he can work at home in the mornings on his second business and I can get in some runs during the daylight hours before our homeschool day! I’m thrilled about it! 

The scale said 129 again this morning, so I’m thankful for that too.


I worked out about an hour on the wii fit again today and even the balance board is mocking me – saying I seem to weigh more! Argh!!!! On the bright side, I’m sore all over. These exercises are working muscles in my upper body I’d forgotten I had! Hopefully there will be a payoff in strength in my upper body and hopefully a loss of weight at the end of the road!

The kids and I spent the evening looking at old videos and pictures on my pc from when they were babies. It was a wonderful stroll down memory lane — and I have to say — I really was shocked to see myself in most of those pictures. I really do look different. I may be grumping about the extra pound or two I’ve got hanging around right now — but I’m healthy and at a “normal” weight right now. The old me hadn’t been either one of those in many, long years. I’m so grateful to see how far I’ve come. 

I’ll share a couple just to show you what I mean. I hope it inspires others too that it’s never too late to start over and find a healthier you.

This picture was taken in 2000 about 6 months after I’d had Wayne Jr. Rebecca’s the one in the swing. 

This was taken on Easter after Savannah was born, so less than a month post partum. I was about 170 in this photo, I think. I’m still wearing maternity clothes in this picture since that’s all that would fit me.

Finally, here’s a picture from my birthday (Nov. 2nd) a couple of weeks ago. I still have a ways to go – but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!


I’m so excited! This Friday I have a running date with TWO of my childhood pals!!!!  Bertha and I are going running with our friend Marci — a gal we’ve both known since 2nd grade. Marci started running about 6 months ago and is up to 6 miles now. B and I are so proud of her! I haven’t seen Marci in years! We were close from 2nd grade – graduation though. She was one of my favorite people in the world. It’ll be so fun catching up! I can’t wait!  She told B and I that she’d like us to push her a bit and asked to go 8 miles for the first time with us. I’ve picked a great path! I think we’ll give her a good workout and have such a good time!


So, apparently, when I work out an hour a day with the wii fit (my stomach is looking flatter already and my posture is definitely improving too), and get my runs in like clockwork — I gain weight! Dang! I’m at 130 again. I have not been overeating. I can’t figure it out. Anyways… I’m going to keep doing what I do and will try to will that 1 lb off again. I can live with 129 but 130 is just a no go. I’m really scared of that slippery slope after that particular number. MUST get back into the 120’s again asap! I thought AF would take some lbs off with her – but nope. I’m day 7 today, she’s gone and here I sit grumping about my weight.