Took the last 5 days off to rest up a bit. I was going a little stir crazy the past two days and Wayne had to hold me back from sneaking in a run. Today I ran one of my favorite loops near my home. I get to jog by two golf courses and I can see my entire town from up on the tippy top of the tough hill I have to head up. The view is always worth the effort! I pass horses and goats and fields on the way back too. It’s a nice, simple run.

Today’s stats: 4.62 miles. 59 degrees and sunny. Easy pace with plenty of walk breaks (ave 12:05). My right ankle is still bothering me a bit. I am convinced it’s a ligament pull from when my Dad was pulling too enthusiastically to get my shoe off during the half point of the marathon. There’s no swelling at all and I can palpitate it and there are no broken bones – so I’ll just run easy on it as it heals I think. My right hamstring also felt really tight the whole time (which has been a common problem for me for months off and on.) I took more than 30 minutes stretching when I got back. I hope it helps!

Ok..now for my laugh at myself for the day! I cannot dress properly for a run, it seems! Give me pouring rain, temps starting at 37 degrees and a marathon to run and I’ll be in a tank top and shorts!  Give me 59 degrees, sunny and only a short run and I pop out the door in tights, a long sleeved shirt, a running jacket and gloves!!! Yes, I really should check the weather before starting out on a run, now shouldn’t I? I did shed the gloves as soon as I stepped outside and ended up tying my jacket around my waist but I was sweating to death out there! I’ll get this right one of these days, right? 

I had a carload of goofball, hillbilly college boys pull over their pickup and wolf whistle at me. I thought of giving them a dirty look, but decided it would be better to ignore them (secretly, I was a little bit happy though, since it’s been a long time since this mother of five has been wolf-whistled at – hillybillyies or not) 

The treadmill guy stopped answering my e-mails. I take that he sold it and I’m back to the drawing board for looking for another one. That’s ok. I’m sure I’ll find what I need in good time – and as I said – the weather is heavenly right now so I’ll just enjoy it as long as I can.  I think I’ll only really need one when it starts getting dark by 5 pm again. It’s so much harder to get in my runs when it’s THAT dark especially if I want to do any kind of distance at all.

The kids are singing at the dining table behind me. They’re in good spirits since Wayne and I promised to take them to the pumpkin patch today for a hay ride and pumpkins! Should be a wonderful day!!!

I’m meeting Bertha tomorrow and we’re heading back to the very last three miles of the marathon course. I just want to run it out and back again to kind of overcome my negative emotions at the very end. I really think running it with B will erase some of that negativity I have attatched to that stage of the race. It might sound silly, but I really feel like I’ll be able to put it to rest if I do this.  I don’t have to run it fast. I just want to jog it happily.


You know, I pulled out one of my training books last night and found a passage that basically said “Now that you’ve run your marathon, you might want to jump right back in there and run. DON’T! Rest! Rest! Rest! for at least week”. I’m taking that to heart. I’m tired. It just hit me like a ton of bricks last night. I’m beat!  I wrote on my calendar today across the entire week “RECOVERY” so I’m not tempted to get in a few runs here and there. I really do need to respect my body’s need to do nothing for a few days. I earned it!!! 

I also think I might have been premature in thinking I should race again too soon. I think that might be foolish, honestly, the more I read. I probably should just focus on rest, then rebuilding my base slowly and gradually again — maintenance running in other words. 

I’m taking a month to recover and slowly rebuild to a 20 mile a week level – a nice maintenance one. I’m not planning on running more than 25 miles in any week during the next three months. October is for recovery. November I’d like to be back on 20 miles a week and the same for December. I’ll start my training for either the half or the full marathon in January. I’m still not sure if I should focus most on the May marathon I’d like to do or the April half marathon (it’s a REALLY tough half – with the first 8 miles uphill in rugged terrain.) Hmm.. I “think” I could do the half “just for fun” as a training workout and focus on the marathon instead for the one I’ll race. Still deciding. Either way, I’ll need to train for 16 weeks for the “main” event. If the half is my “main” event, I’ll need to start the training partway through December instead.

For maintenance, I’ll do 3-4 runs a week. Runs ranging from 4 – 6 during the week and an 8 – 10 miler with Bertha on Saturdays. Something like Monday – 4, Wednesday – 6, Saturday – 10 or Monday – 4, Wednesday – 4, Thursday – 6 and Saturday – 10. I plan to keep the pace easy for all runs during this phase, but we’ll see.  I might add some tempo runs a few weeks in again just to see how I’m feeling and recovering.

Once I’m back on my program, I’m really excited to start playing around with Yasso 800’s as part of my speedwork! I love Bart Yasso’s book, My Life on the Run and I love his articles in Runner’s World! He came up with a system where you warm up, then run 800 m at the track (twice around a typical high school track), followed by 400 m recovery (one time around at a gentle pace to recover.) He says to keep track of how you do on these Yasso 800’s. When you first start, you do just a couple. Each week you add one more until you reach 10 800’s in the workout — this should happen about 3 – 4 weeks before the “goal race” and the idea is to be going the same fast pace by the 10th 800 that you were doing for the first.  Speed and endurance!

At that point, the time it takes you to run an 800 will predict your maraton time goal! So, if you can run 10 800’s at an average of 5:04 minutes, you can likely do a 5:04 hour marathon! It’s true!!!!  So, my goal is to get my 800’s at 4:45 minutes average pace so I can meet or beat my goal time I set but missed at my marathon. Kind of a simple program and I like simplicity! Bertha’s pretty pumped about us doing the Yasso 800’s too! We both think we have more untapped potential and we’d like to improve over the next 3 years so that when we hit “master’s class” at age 40, we’ll be lean, mean, fighting machines in our new age class!  AND – we want to qualify for Boston during that period from 40 – 44!!!! That would take a 3:50:59 from us. We sure want to at least TRY to get there!!!!


Short update. Chatted with Bertha for a good hour before we ran. She brought her medals and race bibs from her other marathons to show me. That was so cool to see!  We had a great time rehashing every detail of the marathon (and I know we only just scratched the surface) and got in 4.48 miles together tonight. We’re both feeling pretty great and recovering nicely!

New PR for me! After tonight’s run I have a new weekly mileage all-time high — 38.63 miles!!!! Wow! My second highest ever was 29. I’ve hit that a couple times in training. Last year my high was only 24, so this is pretty exciting! 

Bertha talked a lot of sense into me tonight about my dissatisfaction with missing my time goal in the marathon. She also shared some insight about her own thought later in the race. When I was thinking “I can’t do it” and “I give up” she was saying to herself “Doing great! Hang in there! Almost there”, etc. NO wonder this woman’s done 3 marathons in such a short time! She has amazing mental focus and a positive mental attitude! I’m going to try to be more like Bertha from now on!


My buddy, Bertha and I are meeting up tomorrow for our first post-marathon run together. Just 4 miles but I think we’re both looking forward to rehashing the whole thing and just seeing each other again. She posted some pictures last night that her husband took of the race. I almost cried!!! I thought Wayne was on the sidewalk right at the end, holding Anneliese — but when I saw the photos I realized he RAN alongside me the last little bit! I was so out of it I didn’t even remember it! I just want to hug that guy a whole ton!!!!

Here it is:

Here’s a couple more I just loved of B and I together too.

This is about 7 miles into the race. It was raining pretty hard.

We were really close to each other until about the half, so I think this is right around there.

And this one’s my favorite! I love my sweet friend SO much!!!!!


In this reverse tapering, I had to walk for the first three days following the marathon. I did it and it was restful and good for my joints, legs and feet. Tonight I was allowed to finally get a little run in – a very little run – 2 miles on the schedule. I went just a hair over – but that’s ok.  I decided to try out my new dry-wick shirt I bought a few weeks ago for $2 at JcPenney (I had a $10 coupon and it was 40% off!) and my new ebay bargain shoes (they smelled like smoke and had never seen a speck of dirt – I figured they needed to be shown exactly what they were invented for and needed to experience some nice, fresh air!)  Pulling on those new things before I headed out the door was kind of symbolic of a new chapter beginning in my running life. The two pairs of older shoes I wore in the marathon (I changed pairs at the half point due to the first pair being sloshy from the rain) are now caked in dried blood, the cushioning and arch support are beat up and they are ready to move onto the shelf of “anything but running shoes”. They gave their best! They worked really hard for me and they helped me achieve my dream as a team! Between the two of them, there are more than 850 miles on them. I salute them for the work they’ve done – they took a good beating from me and they deserve nothing less.

But… I admit to feeling like a little kid on the first day of school when I pulled on the new Asics tonight. The white was still gleaming like the model’s teeth on a Colgate commercial. I felt a spring in my step when I walked across the floor.  We had a good run together tonight. I wonder what places this pair will take me to — what races I will run in them…. what people I will meet while wearing them. I can’t wait to find out!


Hmm… that right ankle is hurting still this morning. I can stand on it, walk on it – but it feels really achy. I can rotate my ankle and there are no sharp pains. I’m still concerned there is a hairline fracture since I know many runner’s who had one and kept training on them since it wasn’t a really sharp pain. Hmm….

Well, I went to read the details for the 10K last night and saw that last night was the last night to get in for the lower price. Wayne gets paid on Fridays though, so it’s going from $30 – $40 today. I also read that you only get a short sleeved, cotton shirt.  There are two more races in the next few weeks that have caught my attention though. One is called a Prison Break and everyone who’s done it says it’s a hoot – the police sirens go off and you try to “run away” from the old penitentiary. The third one I’m interested in happens the first week of November – the week of my birthday! It’s a half marathon, you get a technical fabric, long sleeved t (I really could use some of these for cold weather training), a live band is at the end for a concert, and they’ll feed us a huge meal – soup, shephard’s pie, bread, berry cobbler and as much drink as we can take! That one sounds fun to me – and it’s only $40! My kids’ pediatrician is doing that one too, so I’d be racing the kids’ doctor! He’s this very nice Asian man who looks pretty fit and is about 45, so I’m very certain he’d leave me in the dust – but the kids would think it was cool I was racing him anyway.

At this point, that’s the race that has caught my attention. The only holdback – this ankle. I might have to get an x-ray on Friday. If everything’s ok, I’ll sign up. If it’s not, I won’t. Fair enough.

Today Wayne and I are taking Savannah to her Pediatric Dentist for another evaluation about her teeth that have problems. She has 6 -8 teeth (the bottom two canines are “iffy” so we’re not sure yet if they’ll need work) that came in without enamel, filled with deep crevices and even holes.  My poor baby! It’s a birth defect OR it happened in her first few months of life as her teeth were finishing develioping under the gums when she was so ill she couldn’t eat (I think it’s the second answer honestly, though her pediatric dentist seems confident it happened during pregnancy.) Either way — we’ve been obsessive with brushing her teeth twice a day, having her avoid things that are sticky like raisens and sticky candy, etc – but they are getting worse. 

Her Pediatrician (the runner), advised us against doing the surgery right now since she’d have to go under anethesia. He told us about a study – this study http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu…oscience03.cfm – that suggests that putting a child under before age 3 can cause brain damage. Savannah’s already been put under 5 times — all during her severe health issues when she was younger than 6 months old. We didn’t have a choice for any of those. The pediatrician feels that if it’s not an emergency, we’d be better off waiting for her to reach age 3 (she’s 30 months old right now) – so 6 more months.

We’ll see what the dentist says today — but I feel nervous no matter what.  My biggest fear is actually that she won’t wake up from the anesthesia. I’m so scared about that!!! I know it’s rare and unlikely — but I worry about her. So, please keep my sweet Savannah in your prayers today while Wayne, the dentist and I decide what to do.


Took another recovery walk tonight. Got in 2.38 miles near my neighborhood. Kind of took the time to enjoy the changing leaves, the fields and watch the small boys play pee wee football at the school near my home.  I spotted some pine trees on the walk tonight and couldn’t help but go over and break a few needles — just so I could inhale that heavenly pine fragrance. Mmmmmm…. Now I’ve got Christmas on my mind.

The ankle feels a bit better tonight. Everything else feels pretty good, too. I did jog just a few steps just to see if anything really was going to hurt – and I was fine. But, I didn’t push it. Tomorrow I’m allowed to resume a bit of jogging mixed with walking again. Looking forward to it. Just 2 miles though. I think I’ll do the same path as tonight. It’s a nice one.

My pal B, chatted with me today online. She and I are thinking of doing a 10k in a couple of weeks that I’d been eying for a while. I’d really love to do this particular one since the finish line takes place on the Smurf Turf of my college – Boise State University! (BSU was B’s college too, so it will be special for both of us!)

Can you believe, I attended there 5 years (yeah I took the slow path) and NEVER stepped foot in that stadium before? It’s a regret. I am so pumped to experience the blue Smurf Turf first hand and get Wayne to take a picture of me grinning on the football field of my alma mater!


Official results are finally posted!!!!!! My time was 4:57:33! Out of 135 runners I was 105th to cross the line. I was the 46th woman to cross the line. 9th in my age group. My friend D, who is 30 was 4:45:05 and my running pal B, who’s 37 was 4:45:33.

My AG (age adjusted) time (which means nothing but is interesting) was 4:51:51, so think that means I gave a good effort for my age.  I’m 36 by the way. My birthday is next month. B and I are just a few weeks apart.

Out of 67 women in the race, 13 qualified for Boston!!! How cool is that? Maybe if I keep at it for the next few decades, my own BQ (Boston Qualifier) will come into reach too. Hm…. if I were 70-74 for instance, I’d have just made it since you can run a 5:00:59 and get in!  If my friends were 65-69, they’d have just qualified too since you can run a 4:45:59. 

When I hit 40 in three years, my BQ time will be 3:50:59. It might be a goal worth trying for at least!  A girl’s gotta dream — might as well dream big, right?!

whereas, right now I’d have to get a 3:45:59 to qualify.


Got in my easy 45 minute walk tonight. I say that loosely since I ended up spending half of it trying to help my neighbor find his missing cat. I ran around the neighborhood peeking under cars and into bushes and tried to pick up a cat I thought was the missing one — only to find out — it wasn’t. Darn! I hope poor missing Hunter comes home to his family soon. They miss him! 

My hamstrings are still a bit sore. Calves feel great. My right ankle is hurting still but I’m not sure if it’s just the skin on the back of that foot being the most damaged and causing radiating pain throughout the area. I’m thinking that’s possible. Overall I feel pretty good. I taught school today and made dinner, went grocery shopping – so I’m basically back to full strength again 2 days later. Hopefully I’ll be done with the soreness in another day or so too. 

Tonight I went 1.81 miles. Tomorrow is my last scheduled race recovery walk and then I’m allowed to start the gentle, slow, walk for 5 minutes, jog for a minute 2 miler on Thursday.  Woo hoo! How exciting! I’m eager to run again.