Man! Between this chilly, windy weather and the dark sneaking in on me sooner than I want it to, my outside runs are getting shorter and shorter.  Tonight’s temps are 39 degrees with winds about 20 mph. Dh didn’t want me to run. He thought it was too chilly, but I figured with my gloves and a hat, I’d be ok. The winds definitely slowed me down. I gave up pretty fast on the idea that this would be a tempo run and decided to just instead get as many miles in at a steady pace that I could while fighting the freezing winds and racing the last bit of light before dark. I only got 3.56 miles – and ran the last mile in total darkness. Argh!

At least I got out there. I found 6 cents on the asphalt during my last mile. Joshie was so excited when I gave it to him after I got back! 

I still need to run to the grocery store – so my shower will have to wait. I bet people will give me plenty of breathing room in the grocery line when they get a whiff of me.

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