After a really hectic day with the kids, dinner and a trip to the grocery store (where by the way I had to drive through the craziest weather I’ve seen in a long time…I swear about 50 tumbleweeds of various sizes came blowing across the road — one the size of a lion smacked right into my right front bumper – and I actually gasped when it happened – forgetting for a moment that neither the tumbleweed nor my van were likely to be suffering any real harm.) Anyways…. it was a long day – but I finally squeezed in a run on the treadmill when I came home from the store.

I have to tell you – this is going to take some getting used to. It’s just NOT like road running. It feel so awkward still! I can’t seem to find my rhythm. I miss the sights and sounds from the nearby fields and farms. But… considering the crazy tumbleweed-blowing winds out there – followed shortly by a torrential downpour — I suppose — I am glad I was able to get in a run at all tonight.  I did 4.25 miles. I was going for an easy run of 4 miles with an ave pace of 11:05 (per my smart coach maintenance schedule I just printed on Sunday) and things were going along swimmingly.. I’d hit 3.75 miles and decided to do a little sprint – had gone 1/8 a mile at an 8:30 pace and apparently my arms started flaying a little as I got into it – and WHAM – the dang key the treadmill has attached to my shorts was accidentally pulled out! DARN!!! I was so close to finishing with flair – and being able to write the exact duration and such of my workout. Of course, my heart was beating fast and I had to push all these unfamiliar buttons just to get going at the 11 mile pace again. DARN IT! I finished up the workout, cooled down and just estimated everything. Argh though!!! It made me miss running outside with a Garmin! SO much simpler!!!! 

I did crunches tonight (for the second day in a row) on my stability ball. I even used my 8 lb hand weights for a couple of sets. I’m slowly getting into my cold weather routine – just feeling things out and finding my way back to things I liked last winter and fall. I don’t especially enjoy weights or crunches – but I know they’re good for me. I’ve also been remembering to add some yoga poses to my stretching routine after every run. I know I need more flexibility so I’m working on it.

My weight is still hovering between 128 – 129 this week. I think it will start heading in the right direction again once my miles are back up to about 25 a week. I’ve been “reverse tapering” since the marathon – gently adding my miles back up to a maintenace level. Marathon week was 38.63 miles. The week after was 10.44 as I recovered. Last week was about 16 miles. I should hit 23 this week, so I’m getting there.  Adding that fourth run each week and having a treadmill should make it easier to get in my miles.

It really has been bothering me to see 129 so often again though. It’s usually my night time weight – but it reminds me how easily I can slip back into my old ways. I really don’t want to ever go there again. I was miserable when I was heavier. I think mentally there will always be this fear that the “fat girl” in me will always be trying to drag down the runner girl and defeat her once and for all. I’m rooting for the runner girl to kick the fat girls butt each time I lace up those Asics. It really is a constant battle. Maybe there will come a time when I don’t even worry about it anymore — but it’s still something I think a lot about at this point.

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