The clouds were a million fluffy pillows overhead tonight…..the mountains growing more deeply purple as the sun set, the leaves in piles deeper than my last run only two days ago – golden and red and brown. I aimed for every gathering I could find to give a satisfying KICK as I dashed through them. I admit to stopping to gather up a huge handful of brittle leaves just to toss them up in the air and watch them fall again – gently swaying to the earth, this way and that. It was a lovely run!

4.62 miles total. I warmed up, then ran 4 miles (including one, long, killer hill that always has me huffing and puffing) in 43:34. My ave pace was 10:53 — pitifully – THE pace I was going for in the marathon.  Hey, it’s ok, though… It’s becoming my new “comfy” and I’ll get it right next time around.  I cooled down, overcome with the tantalizing aroma of pizza wafting from a neighbor’s house as I drew closer to home again. Mmmmmmm – I want pizza now!!! Cruel neighbor!!

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