What a gorgeous fall day! How satisfying is it to kick through piles of golden and burgundy leaves on a run?! I found I could stretch out my hand and brush against the trees to set off more leaves drifting to the ground as I went too. I found the mountains against the horizon to be more blue than usual against the sky. It truly is a perfect day for a run.

Though my legs were slow today, I did enjoy the scenery. My only real mortal fear – one I’ve never been warned about in any of the training books I have on running – was beets! Big, enormous, sugar beets, specifically! They look like overgrown potatoes. They were everywhere on my run today! Scattered and broken into pieces like a pumpkin thrown into the road. It didn’t take long to see where they were coming from. Every few minutes I was passed on the road by another monstrous truck, with it’s open bed filled to the brim with the offending tubers. I hugged the side of the road as closely as I could, imagining how painful it would be if one of those uncovered beets came rolling off the top of the small mountain in the truck and hit me smack in the head.  Hmm…. I wonder how I’d look wearing a football helmet while I get my runs in over the next few weeks? This, my friends, is the reality of being a country girl on the run! It’s not all sweet-smelling cowpies and neighing goats, you know. There are real dangers out here. 

Today’s run – 7.10 miles. Long, slooowwww distance.

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