I finally got to use the treadmill yesterday afternoon right before Wayne came home from work – yes, BEFORE he came home. This is certainly cool!  And to think, all this time I was wishing Rebecca would turn 13 sooner so I could go for short runs in the neighborhood while she watched the other kids now and then!  Now I can do it in the comfort of my own home. Pretty nifty!

After giving the treadmill a 2.5 mile whirl, I can now confess that I apparently am one of those people who feel that the treadmill is harder than running on the road! At least, in terms of pacing! I did play around with some of the features and speeds and had a good time with that. At one point I was doing 7:30 min miles – but that lasted all of one minute before I was certain I was about to fling into the wall behind me. 

It definitely felt like I had to work harder to run my usual “comfy” pace and I would argue that when I tried running by “feel of effort” the pace numbers did not match what I’ve grown to know as my own particular pace. I think this just means I’ll have to get used to the differences, huh?  I did like the two speed fans! Very nice! It was fun checking my heartrate, too. I’ll have to research it a bit, so I understand the range I’m supposed to aim for when working out and cooling down. Should be fun!

I spend part of yesterday typing all of my workouts from June – now into my excel worksheet where I have a nice, tidy, account of all of my workouts since the day I started exercising about 18 months ago. It was interesting to see that I’ve now done 201 workouts to date! That doesn’t seem like much when you think about it.  It was also really cool to add up the exact mile I’ve ran. Turns out my feet have now carried me 863.88 miles!!!! Not bad, huh?

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