My friend Emily just did a marathon in China this weekend!!!! She did it in 4:37!!!  She JUST ran the marathon I did (she was pacing her best friend, Davina since it was her first marathon – and she ran it unofficially sort of as a training run in prep for this race.) That’s amazing to me — two marathons only two weeks apart (they ran my marathon in 4:45!) WOW!

Anyways… Davina and Emily are both part of a local running club. Bertha and I were invited to train with them twice a week and we’re going to give it a try tomorrow morning at 5 am!  That means I’ll have to get up at 4 am just to eat something and make it across town to join them! On the bright side, it’s at a gym, so when the weather is really bad, we can train on the indoor track – for FREE! I think we’ll be doing the outdoor track (it’s larger than an ordinary one. If I recall it’s 3 laps for a mile instead of 4.) Interestingly, this is where I first started as a runner. That same gym is where I first joined the running group with only 4 members – The coach, a 50ish man who just qualified for Boston two weeks ago, Davina and — me! I was just a beginner then and they were all pretty good runners already, so they’d take off and leave me in the dust pretty fast. It’ll be like a walk (or run) down memory lane running that same track again – only this time I’m no longer a beginner! That makes me feel good!

I’ve spent the weekend trying to find another treadmill on Craig’s list that’s affordable and seems durable enough for my needs. I’m SO nervous I’ll buy something that just isn’t right for me. My Mom swears by ProForm treadmills. She’s owned 4 over the years and she loves them! I’ve also heard good things about Nordic Track and know they tend to be one step above ProForm. I seriously have hardly any experience with treadmills though, so I really hope I find one that will be a good fit for the times this winter that the weather just will not cooperate.

My weight is 127 again. Maybe there will be no “bonus” weight loss from that marathon or my AF after all! I’m on day 8 of my cycle. Maybe I’m approaching my “set point”. That’s ok too. If I’m healthy and doing what I love and eating everything I like– I don’t think the number really is much of an issue. I really would like to use some of this “off” time from serious training to add in Pilates though. My midsection is as soft and squishy as the Pillsbury Dough Boy still, so some toning would be a really great idea for this time of year. I’m sure it would help my posture, neck and back pains too (I was in a car wreck that totalled my car when I was 20, so I struggle with pain most days to some degree. Better core strength would probably benefit those areas and I might have less pain! That would be nice!)

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