I feel like such a rebel!!!!  Bertha and I started on the last stretch of the marathon course – and about a mile in, a man asked us where “the race” ended. It took us a second to remember that this was the day that a big race was happening that we’d both wanted to do — the one that finishes at Boise State University right on the “Smurf Turf.” (I’m a BSU alumni and had NEVER been into the stadium before, btw!) We told him where the finish line was supposed to be and then Bertha asked if I’d like to go see the runners. I said, “Yeah” and we headed off in the direction the race was supposed to be happening. Within just a couple of minutes, we saw them!!! They were heading right at us and were turning onto a bridge – so we jumped in and started running with them too! 

We were about a mile and a quarter into our run already, and the 5kers were just about a 1/4 of a mile into theirs. It was a hoot!!! B and I just layed it on and started passing people. The pace was close to 9 min miles but we kept up! It was the PERFECT way to overcome my marathon’s bad ending, I swear! I practiced everything I had wanted to do right in the marathon. I kept my inner voice positive, I stayed even and didn’t fall back, I focused on one person, then another, then another to pass and just kept at it! When B pulled ahead for a bit, I reeled her back in and stuck to her like glue – until I had a surge of energy and then just kept moving forward. As I was running into the stadium lot at the end of the race, I started thinking “Crap! Now what?! Do I finish this thing or stop here???? But I just HAD to see that smurf turf – I’d made it so far! So, I kept going. I am SOOO bad, but I actually crossed the finish line – just at it turned to 27 minutes!  Go ahead! Throw things at me!!! I sneaked back out of the crowded chute after that just glowing! I cheered Bertha in, but she didnt’ cross the finish line.

We both went giggling to the football field, got to touch that famous grass and have not stopped laughing since!! MAN, that was fun!! If I’d realized we could have worked out our schedules we would have signed up and done it officially – but it was AWESOME to do it anyways! I haven’t ran a 5k since before I was married (about 12 years ago!)

Our total first run (including the easy, gentle, warm up was 4.24 miles in 42:41 min with an overall ave of 10:04.) We walked back to the truck afterwards for another 1.58 miles to cool down.

My splits for the 5k are a bit hard to say for certain since we were mid-run when we met the crowd. My third mile was 8:57, my fourth mile was 8:32 and my .25 mile before crossing the finish line was a pace of 8:12. I was FLYING compared to normal!  Most of the “race part” when I glanced at my watch I was doing 8:30 min miles!! Holy cow that was an experience! I know I’m not supposed to “race” so soon after a marathon – but I just couldnt’ help myself!

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