Short update. Chatted with Bertha for a good hour before we ran. She brought her medals and race bibs from her other marathons to show me. That was so cool to see!  We had a great time rehashing every detail of the marathon (and I know we only just scratched the surface) and got in 4.48 miles together tonight. We’re both feeling pretty great and recovering nicely!

New PR for me! After tonight’s run I have a new weekly mileage all-time high — 38.63 miles!!!! Wow! My second highest ever was 29. I’ve hit that a couple times in training. Last year my high was only 24, so this is pretty exciting! 

Bertha talked a lot of sense into me tonight about my dissatisfaction with missing my time goal in the marathon. She also shared some insight about her own thought later in the race. When I was thinking “I can’t do it” and “I give up” she was saying to herself “Doing great! Hang in there! Almost there”, etc. NO wonder this woman’s done 3 marathons in such a short time! She has amazing mental focus and a positive mental attitude! I’m going to try to be more like Bertha from now on!

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