My buddy, Bertha and I are meeting up tomorrow for our first post-marathon run together. Just 4 miles but I think we’re both looking forward to rehashing the whole thing and just seeing each other again. She posted some pictures last night that her husband took of the race. I almost cried!!! I thought Wayne was on the sidewalk right at the end, holding Anneliese — but when I saw the photos I realized he RAN alongside me the last little bit! I was so out of it I didn’t even remember it! I just want to hug that guy a whole ton!!!!

Here it is:

Here’s a couple more I just loved of B and I together too.

This is about 7 miles into the race. It was raining pretty hard.

We were really close to each other until about the half, so I think this is right around there.

And this one’s my favorite! I love my sweet friend SO much!!!!!

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