In this reverse tapering, I had to walk for the first three days following the marathon. I did it and it was restful and good for my joints, legs and feet. Tonight I was allowed to finally get a little run in – a very little run – 2 miles on the schedule. I went just a hair over – but that’s ok.  I decided to try out my new dry-wick shirt I bought a few weeks ago for $2 at JcPenney (I had a $10 coupon and it was 40% off!) and my new ebay bargain shoes (they smelled like smoke and had never seen a speck of dirt – I figured they needed to be shown exactly what they were invented for and needed to experience some nice, fresh air!)  Pulling on those new things before I headed out the door was kind of symbolic of a new chapter beginning in my running life. The two pairs of older shoes I wore in the marathon (I changed pairs at the half point due to the first pair being sloshy from the rain) are now caked in dried blood, the cushioning and arch support are beat up and they are ready to move onto the shelf of “anything but running shoes”. They gave their best! They worked really hard for me and they helped me achieve my dream as a team! Between the two of them, there are more than 850 miles on them. I salute them for the work they’ve done – they took a good beating from me and they deserve nothing less.

But… I admit to feeling like a little kid on the first day of school when I pulled on the new Asics tonight. The white was still gleaming like the model’s teeth on a Colgate commercial. I felt a spring in my step when I walked across the floor.  We had a good run together tonight. I wonder what places this pair will take me to — what races I will run in them…. what people I will meet while wearing them. I can’t wait to find out!

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