Hmm… that right ankle is hurting still this morning. I can stand on it, walk on it – but it feels really achy. I can rotate my ankle and there are no sharp pains. I’m still concerned there is a hairline fracture since I know many runner’s who had one and kept training on them since it wasn’t a really sharp pain. Hmm….

Well, I went to read the details for the 10K last night and saw that last night was the last night to get in for the lower price. Wayne gets paid on Fridays though, so it’s going from $30 – $40 today. I also read that you only get a short sleeved, cotton shirt.  There are two more races in the next few weeks that have caught my attention though. One is called a Prison Break and everyone who’s done it says it’s a hoot – the police sirens go off and you try to “run away” from the old penitentiary. The third one I’m interested in happens the first week of November – the week of my birthday! It’s a half marathon, you get a technical fabric, long sleeved t (I really could use some of these for cold weather training), a live band is at the end for a concert, and they’ll feed us a huge meal – soup, shephard’s pie, bread, berry cobbler and as much drink as we can take! That one sounds fun to me – and it’s only $40! My kids’ pediatrician is doing that one too, so I’d be racing the kids’ doctor! He’s this very nice Asian man who looks pretty fit and is about 45, so I’m very certain he’d leave me in the dust – but the kids would think it was cool I was racing him anyway.

At this point, that’s the race that has caught my attention. The only holdback – this ankle. I might have to get an x-ray on Friday. If everything’s ok, I’ll sign up. If it’s not, I won’t. Fair enough.

Today Wayne and I are taking Savannah to her Pediatric Dentist for another evaluation about her teeth that have problems. She has 6 -8 teeth (the bottom two canines are “iffy” so we’re not sure yet if they’ll need work) that came in without enamel, filled with deep crevices and even holes.  My poor baby! It’s a birth defect OR it happened in her first few months of life as her teeth were finishing develioping under the gums when she was so ill she couldn’t eat (I think it’s the second answer honestly, though her pediatric dentist seems confident it happened during pregnancy.) Either way — we’ve been obsessive with brushing her teeth twice a day, having her avoid things that are sticky like raisens and sticky candy, etc – but they are getting worse. 

Her Pediatrician (the runner), advised us against doing the surgery right now since she’d have to go under anethesia. He told us about a study – this study…oscience03.cfm – that suggests that putting a child under before age 3 can cause brain damage. Savannah’s already been put under 5 times — all during her severe health issues when she was younger than 6 months old. We didn’t have a choice for any of those. The pediatrician feels that if it’s not an emergency, we’d be better off waiting for her to reach age 3 (she’s 30 months old right now) – so 6 more months.

We’ll see what the dentist says today — but I feel nervous no matter what.  My biggest fear is actually that she won’t wake up from the anesthesia. I’m so scared about that!!! I know it’s rare and unlikely — but I worry about her. So, please keep my sweet Savannah in your prayers today while Wayne, the dentist and I decide what to do.

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