Took another recovery walk tonight. Got in 2.38 miles near my neighborhood. Kind of took the time to enjoy the changing leaves, the fields and watch the small boys play pee wee football at the school near my home.  I spotted some pine trees on the walk tonight and couldn’t help but go over and break a few needles — just so I could inhale that heavenly pine fragrance. Mmmmmm…. Now I’ve got Christmas on my mind.

The ankle feels a bit better tonight. Everything else feels pretty good, too. I did jog just a few steps just to see if anything really was going to hurt – and I was fine. But, I didn’t push it. Tomorrow I’m allowed to resume a bit of jogging mixed with walking again. Looking forward to it. Just 2 miles though. I think I’ll do the same path as tonight. It’s a nice one.

My pal B, chatted with me today online. She and I are thinking of doing a 10k in a couple of weeks that I’d been eying for a while. I’d really love to do this particular one since the finish line takes place on the Smurf Turf of my college – Boise State University! (BSU was B’s college too, so it will be special for both of us!)

Can you believe, I attended there 5 years (yeah I took the slow path) and NEVER stepped foot in that stadium before? It’s a regret. I am so pumped to experience the blue Smurf Turf first hand and get Wayne to take a picture of me grinning on the football field of my alma mater!

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