Got in my easy 45 minute walk tonight. I say that loosely since I ended up spending half of it trying to help my neighbor find his missing cat. I ran around the neighborhood peeking under cars and into bushes and tried to pick up a cat I thought was the missing one — only to find out — it wasn’t. Darn! I hope poor missing Hunter comes home to his family soon. They miss him! 

My hamstrings are still a bit sore. Calves feel great. My right ankle is hurting still but I’m not sure if it’s just the skin on the back of that foot being the most damaged and causing radiating pain throughout the area. I’m thinking that’s possible. Overall I feel pretty good. I taught school today and made dinner, went grocery shopping – so I’m basically back to full strength again 2 days later. Hopefully I’ll be done with the soreness in another day or so too. 

Tonight I went 1.81 miles. Tomorrow is my last scheduled race recovery walk and then I’m allowed to start the gentle, slow, walk for 5 minutes, jog for a minute 2 miler on Thursday.  Woo hoo! How exciting! I’m eager to run again.

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