Oh my word! The mail lady just handed me my ebay shoes! Can you believe I got a pair of my favorite Asics Cumulus 10 in size 8.5 — my EXACT favorite shoes in the world — for $8 plus $12 shipping?!!!! They were worn once or twice and that’s it! Brand spanking new looking! Perfect looking! Dudes, I just spent $100 on a pair of this exact shoe in March, then thought I scored bigtime when I bought myself a pair at Sports Authority for $69.99 (they are still unused and waiting to be my Christmas gift). But, hey – for about $20 I just got another pair! Considering I just bled all over the first two pairs I’d worn out — I’d say these are an excellent purchase and just in time!  Now my unworn pair can still sit under the tree at Christmas after all. Hee hee.

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