I wore my marathon medal all morning over my beautiful dry-wick long sleeved gray finisher’s shirt of course. The children looked at me admiringly. They like my medal! They enjoyed watching the race yesterday. I wonder if any of them will ever run a marathon when they’re my age? I hope so!

Can you believe after running 26.2 miles I didn’t lose any weight? I was 128 before and 128 today. I do admit to eating nonstop since the finish though.  That could have something to do with it. And the cold temps too. I usually sweat boatloads during training runs – but it was about 40 degrees and raining the entire time, so I didn’t sweat as much as usual. That’s ok though. I’m sure I’ll reap other rewards from this race. My muscles are torn to shreds right now. But.. they’ll rebuild and be even stronger than before. It was worth it!

For the next week, my only exercise will be a daily gentle walk of about 20 – 40 minutes. That’s what my training book advises. It sounds good, but I might walk like a creaky old man with all of this soreness in my hamstrings, quads and calves! I’m allowed to start adding gentle one minute jog breaks again in three days – but only every 5 minutes, so it will be mostly walking as I recover.

The whole next month I’m supposed to avoid speedwork, races and really long runs. It’s a chance for my body to recover. That sounds kind of good.  Just some gentle running as I get strong again.

My next goal is Robie Creek – the toughest half marathon in the Northwest! 8 miles are UPHILL and it’s rugged. Part of it’s not even paved! That’s the race I was training for last year when I hurt my hip and I’m determined to cross that one off my list this next year. The race happens in April. I’ll start my serious training again in mid December or early January. Wayne’s told me he’d actually like to train for it too. Hmm… I wonder if he’ll really stick with it? I’d love to be married to a runner. Or would I? Hmm.. I wonder if we’ll be standing, glaring at each other while we fight over who gets to train first each evening while the other watches the kids? Hee hee – I’m just kidding! I’m sure we’ll work it out if he wants to do this! And I’d love to do a race with him! My Mom also wants to come out of hiding. She’s been quieting running on her own the last 14 years. She’s finished Robie 4 times and has done one marathon, but after those, she just stopped racing for some reason. I can tell she’s got the itch again. She said yesterday it was all she could do to hold herself back from jumping in there and running with me in my marathon!  Just for fun, she ran 13.1 this past week just to see if she could still do a half – and she did! So, it could very well be my Mom, my husband and I plus my buddies E, D and B doing that race with me. Pretty cool!

I’m not sure when I’ll do another marathon. My Mom is toying with the idea of running the one she did at her 15 year anniversary — which would be next May. I might consider doing that with her. If I do it that way, I think it would be fun to run together the entire time. Running my Mom’s pace would be less stressful than racing the way I did yesterday. I might even be able to relax and have fun at the end instead of feeling like dying.  I’ll have to think about it. I do know I’ve got an appointment next October with The City of Trees Marathon again! I’m counting on no rain next year and would love to go for my “dream goal” finish of 4:45. I think it’s possible if I train well and the weather cooperates. But.. the marathon is full of surprises as I learned! You really never know what’s going to happen once that gun goes off! Anything can happen – good or bad. That’s what makes it such a challenge and so appealing. The mystery of the marathon and how it pushes your mind and your body over the edge – and you live to tell the tale.  I’m definitely not done. Not yet!

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