Brrrrrrr — That’s all I have to say about tonight’s WINDY run! Temp. 48. 13 mph winds and 32% humidity, while dark out! The temps I liked pretty well. I wore tights and a jacket because of the wind though and it was a good plan. Just BRRRRR! My nose and eyes were watering the whole time from the wind.

Anyhoo, I didn’t have to endure it too long. It was just a 2 miler tonight at a very easy pace. I played with my Garmin again. I was curious what would happen if I intentionally went slower than the virtual partner. I wondered if it would say “You lose” and if the watch would stop calculating mileage and time once it recorded the workout mileage I’d entered. Turns out, it does sing a shorter song and says “Workout complete”, which was nicer than telling me I lost.  But.. it DID stop recording on it’s own once it hit 2 miles. I was kind of hoping it would keep going. The reason is I’m debating about weather or not to use this feature for my marathon. On the one hand, during the run, it showed one of my screens divided horizontally with the current lap pace on top and my distance either ahead or behind the virtual partner on the bottom. If I was ahead, the bottom screen stayed light colored, whereas if I fell behind the screen at the bottom went nearly black (though I could still see the distance I was behind.) Kind of motivating! I could click through to another quick workout screen and see again two screens divided horizontally. Two tiny stick figures were actually racing on those. So.. I could watch myself run alongside the virtual partner, beat her or fall behind her. Kind of cute!

When I got back home, I stretched indoors to get out of the blasted wind. I’m glad I did. Savannah sauntered up wearing her red pengiun sweatsuit over which she was also wearing a cinderella dress up ballroom gown. She was barefoot and cute as a button. As soon as she saw me stretching against the wall, she copied my move and started stretching too as she said “I stwetching, Mama.” When I switched legs, she switched. This went on for several minutes while I grinned from ear to ear. Hmm.. Maybe I have a future runner on my hands here already!

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