I am down to 4 days left until the Marathon!!!! FOUR days!!! I’m really very excited!  Amazingly, I seem to be over my race jitters. Guess I just got a really bad case that went away before the “normal” people get them. I always have been sort of an oddball.  I feel really calm. Eager, excited and just happy! I think it will be a pretty cool day no matter what my time is. Imagine — I’ve been dreaming of this day for 14 years and it’s about to come true! Wow… just wow!

Today Wayne and I had an appointment, so my parents came and watched the kids for us. Much to our surprise, the appointment went very fast, so we had some free time on our hands (and baby sitters!!) So.. he took me to see The Proposal at the dollar movie place! Hee hee hee. We felt like two kids playing hookey from school!!!! I seriously laughed so hard at that movie and loved it!  I still feel naughty that my parents thought we were at our meeting the whole time — and we were really on a date for most of it! So bad…………….. – but so fun!!

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