Just came home from my last speed session for the marathon program! It called for a tempo run totaling 5 miles. 1 mile warmup. 3 miles at tempo pace of 10:19, then 1 mile cooldown. I drove to my favorite path in town. Hadn’t been there in a while, so it was a treat.  It runs along a stream, there are cows and goats in fields on the opposite side of the stream running path and there are a million gazillion DUCKS everywhere you look! I seriously almost tripped over groups of them over and over tonight.  There are wonderous old trees lining most of the path. The braches curve over your head almost like a lush ceiling. It’s lovely. (This is actually the path that is very close to my birthing center, so I have strong memories of my last two labors as I jog there since I walked this path during labor twice with Wayne.)

Anyhoo…. I just felt good tonight. Went ahead and decided to play with my Garmin tonight. I used the quick workout feature that let’s me “race” a virtual partner on the course. I told it I wanted to do the entire 5 miles at the 10:19 pace (vs the 3 middle ones) and just went with it. It was fun! I did the 5 miles in 48:17 with an average pace of 9:39. I was dodging old grannies and grandpas holding hands out on strolls and families with their small children on bikes and in strollers –but I felt so good! It’s weird! That’s SO much faster than I usually run! I guess I’m peaking right in time for my marathon. I’m not changing my newfound “laid back” attitude towards the marathon and expecting to run it fast at all. But.. mentally, doing this tonight DID give me a positive mental boost. It helped my confidence. 

Once the 5 miles was over my watch sang a tiny electronic song and said “YOU WIN!”  I beat the virtual partner! That was cool!

My splits were: 9:30, 8:49, 9:55, 9:50 and 10:11. Afterwards, I reset the watch and walked 10 minutes (.55 mile) to cooldown really well.

It was a VERY good workout!

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