One week from today —-is my marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Current forecast is saying RAIN and temps from mid 30’s to mid 40’s! Great temps but I’m a little nervous about rain for 5 + hours!!! I usually say I love to run in the rain – but I’ve never done a race in it! I think I might wear a hat with a brim. Hmm…..

B and I’ve teen texting this morning. She found a feature on our Garmins that actually lets you choose “marathon” as your quick workout. It will show the total distance before you start and show the numbers decreasing as you go. And, you’ll see the tiny virtual partner and the tiny virtual stick figure you – racing – to see if you can “beat” the estimated time it will take to do the race. Still not sure if I’ll use this feature on race day, but it’s neat looking. I’m leaning towards using my usual data windows instead (average pace/current pace for main window), distance, time, pace and average pace for window two, and a GIANT CURRENT PACE window instead. 

I think I like knowing that my watch will just record the data as it goes – including beyond the distance in case I take a wrong turn or something! I want credit for every step!  I know it’s a certified course -but of course you have to run right down the middle of the road for that exact measurement. If you stay to one side or the other, you’re actually adding a tiny bit of distance to the race. So.. I want credit wherever my feet fall!

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