Just finished up my LAST long run before the marathon! I met up with my pal B and her twin sister L (who I haven’t seen much since our high school graduation.) It was SO fun running with both of my pals!!!! We grew up together in a really tiny town, so we have a lot of memories of being little kids together. 

We ran by a lake, alongside some apple and peach orchards and by some vineyards (for those who didn’t know – Idaho is well known for it’s wineries and it’s potatoes!) I admit to doing something naughty that I never thought I would do. I stole an apple off one of the apple trees and ate it on the run! My friends made me do it!  It was really juicy!!!!  There were SO many hills on the run, that my right hip is feeling it. I just took some ibuprofin, so hopefully it won’t be anything to be concerned about. Only a week and a day until my MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s stats – 8.31 miles — and I’ll just say — a really long time!  It was fun. THEN, we got to visit a friends’ house of theirs — and I got to hold a 3 week old, 5 lb, itty, bitty, beautiful baby boy!!!! Awwwwwwwww. That was pretty special!

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