Guess what I did tonight? I bought two new pairs of shorts since the only ones I have left fall off when I walk.  Wanna know what size they were????? 4!!!!!! I’m certain it was vanity sizing since the L.E.I. jeans I tried in on a size 5 were really tight — but — I’ll take it!  I did finally get a new bra too. The only one I have left is way too big. I ended up having to buy a 36D. The 34D felt so good at the band but it was just not fully covering my chest like it should. Just a bit was still peeking out the sides. What a bummer they don’t sell 34DD since that would be the perfect size. I feel so excited, though. When I went through my huge stash of clothing and bras recently to give them away — I found my biggest bra of all – a 44DDD. I wore that one while pregnant or nursing. It really is like a miracle to see bits of pieces of my wardrobe getting smaller. It’s surreal — in a good way. 

Know what I did with the rest of my size 12’s and 10’s? I gave them to a friend who’s lost 75 lbs in the last year!  It felt great to help her celebrate her loss with some new duds and it made me really happy to give those clothes a new home as a concrete way of saying “That is no longer who I am and I’m moving on in faith that I will never gain that weight back again.”

Running really has given me back my health, my peace of mind (other that during a marathon taper apparently – ha ha), friendships with other runners and some self-esteem that I’d lost a long time ago. I’m SO thankful that I had the courage to take those first steps, guys. I really didn’t think I could do it at first. I’m SO glad I just kept trying. I’m about to do a marathon! A MARATHON!!!! Wow. It’s really coming true. My dream I’ve held for almost 15 years since my Mom did hers.  I’m very happy.

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