Recovery run tonight. Legs felt heavy, slow – as they should after running at tempo for 20 miles on Sat.  – I swear that smiley really does look like me running. Hee! Anyways…ran the neighborhood and local college campus tonight. 3 miles. 36 minutes. Just slow, gentle and easy. My right hip is a bit sore but nothing bad. All other body parts and feet seemed fine. I admit that after Saturday’s efforts I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today, so it’s better than expected. I was sore Sunday but felt normal again by Monday, so thankfully, nothing flared up. I think once you’ve had a serious running injury, you spend a long time looking over your shoulder afraid another will just creep up on you. I’m so gratetful to my training program this time for keeping me in check and I’m proud of myself for playing it safe and staying injury free through this training (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!) I’m mentally willing my body to continue to behave itself nicely for three more weeks.  If I can show up at the start of that race ready to rumble — I’ve completed much MORE than I was able to accoplish when I trained for that half marathon last year and failed. 

I almost didn’t get a run in tonight. Wayne worked overtime. I fell behind in chores and homework grading and I hadn’t even eaten dinner when Wayne showed up at 7 pm. I handed him a spatula (dinner was in the oven and on the stove) and kissed his cheek and said , “I’ve GOTTA run, baby!” I really am eternally grateful for the support, love and encouragement my husband has given me during this training!  He hasn’t complained at all — though three times a week — he’s fully in charge of the kids while I’m off doing my thing. I think he’s a keeper!

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