AF’s here. So my last cycle was 27 days. It’s been irregular for years, but all this exercise seems to be getting it closer to being the way it was before kids (always, always 28 days apart from my first period at age 10.) Today’s weight 129. I looked back at May’s day 1 and last month’s day 1. I’m down about 6 lbs from my May period and 3 lbs from last month’s day 1. So – even though I’m still bloated — I’m still seeing a slow, steady downward trend! Sweet!!!! Though I’ve seen 126 and 127 alot this last month, I have not seen 125 yet. I hope I get to see it this month! 

I’m looking forward to running tonight. I’m on my taper, so things will be gentle and lower in miles until the big day!

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