Guess what I found out last night?!! I was talking on facebook to my training partner from last year – D. She mentioned that she’s ran 1/2 of the course we’ll be seeing in the marathon. That’s when I realized — she’d done the 1/2 last year! I’d forgotten that!!!! My current training partner, B, also ran the 1/2 last year (it was the first 1/2 for both of them ever.) So…. I looked up the results again to see how they did against each other — and guess what?

B ran the 1/2 last year in 2:11:30. D ran the 1/2 last year in 2:11:45!!!!! They were nearly tied!!! WOW!!!!! Ok, and now I am REALLY intimidated by my running pals!! That’s 10 min miles for 13 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to tell B! She’ll get a giggle out of the fact that techinically she BEAT my training buddy from last year (who’s almost 6 foot tall and is almost 7 years younger than we are!) hee hee – One point for us old folks!  Just kidding! Both buddies are really awesome! Both impress my socks off!

In my wildest dreams, the three of us would be head-to-head right at the finish! Wouldn’t that be something? But I won’t even think it – or I’ll get my hopes up.

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