20 miler done – for the second Saturday in a row!  The temperatures were around 90 by the end – and it was SUCH a hard effort today. My buddy and I agreed this was a “dress rehearsal” for the marathon, so we started our watches together and she took off at her pace and I stayed at my pokey one from the beginning. We hardly saw one another this time. I didn’t see her again until she turned around at the 10 mile point and she was heading back towards me as I hit 9 3/4. We high-fived and kept going. It was harder not having her right there – and she said the same thing later. I caught my second wind around mile 7 though and was feeling pretty good at mile 10 (at that point, with walk breaks my ave pace per mile was 10:43!!!) BUT.. as the sun got hotter and hotter — it became harder and harder to keep up the pace. I didn’t stop the Garmin once today (reflecting race conditions), so I had a potty break, an ibuprofin break, a shot blox break and a break to buy a new Gatorade and Pepsi at the golf shop 3 miles from the end reflected in my overall time for today. I still used the walk breaks for most of the miles too, though I kept them to 5 – 10 seconds each today and skipped a couple when I was feeling exceptionally well.

By the way, Pepsi really did sound good at mile 16 3/4 (golf shop) but half a mile later I was regretting it! 😛 It really made me nauseous.

Anyways… B and I ended up playing cat and mouse the entire second half of the run today. One would pull ahead, then the other would catch them after a mile or so, and back and forth it went. We totally kicked butt today, though! We shaved 19 1/2 minutes off of last week’s 20 miler!  I really think we’re ready for this marathon! AND… at the end of the run — we decided we’re too good a match to run this thing along — so we’re going to try to use each other as pacers (and encouragers) at the race too!

Did I tell you we named ourselves? See, there’s this really cute story I read to the kids last year called Crossing Jordan. It’s an older children’s book about two little girls who become best friends. One is black and the other is white. They both LOVE to run! Despite the controversy over their friendship (this story takes place in the 50’s), they become the best of friends – and the best of running team mates. They name themselves “Chocolate Milk” (one dark and one light.) My buddy B is Hispanic and when I told her last week about the story – she loved it and thought it fit us pretty good too. Today before the run started, B saw some children’s side walk chalk on the ground and she leaned down and wrote “Chocolate Milk”.  So.. that’s our new name! And we rocked today!!!!

Ok… so 20 miles – in the heat – with a few breaks (all accounted for by the watch) with a time of 3:52:20. We averaged 11:37 overall. I really think if the heat hadn’t have gotten so intense we could have kept up our 10:43 ave from halfway. My marathon training program calls for an average time of 10:53 for a total of 4:45:45. I think she and I can do that on M day! I really do!

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