What’ s a Garmin?!! Boy, did you ask a question I  to answer!

Here’s a pic:

It’s called a Garmin Forerunner 205. It is equipped with GPS and gives you instant feedback as to your pace, your distance and your running time (and can also tell you current elevation, the grade of hills you are running AS you are jogging over them, what time the sun will set or rise that day, your average pace for the run so far, your pace for the last lap you did, you can set the watch up to “beep” when you fall below a certain pace (if that’s something you find useful) and/or you can have it “beep” at each mile (this is what I have mine do). You can “race” against a Virtual Partner and see you little stick figures “racing” on the watch and it will even play a small tune and say “YOU WIN” if you do, in fact, beat your virtual partner that day.  It can help you find your way back if you’re lost on a run and need to get back home, it can tell you how many calories your workout was based on your gender, your age, and your weight. AND – you can download your workouts to your PC and then study the cool graphs and data after your shower (I’m a huge data geek so this appeals to me on so many levels!)  Anyways…truth be told — it’s just a really, really cool running toy and I’m so glad I have one!

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