I don’t know what’s happened to me the past week but I’ve become a starving lunatic bent on eating every bad thing I can get my hands on. I know I ovulated two days ago (I get a sharp pinch in the side where it happens that lasts about a day each month) – and so it likely is hormonal. The scale has not been merciful — I saw 130 again this a.m.  The past few days I saw 129, so I’m not surprised – but still disappointed. Someone make me step away from the Reece’s Pieces!!!!!

Now that I had a good night’s rest (I could not hold my eyes open after 11:30 pm last night which is so unlike me and didn’t wake until 8 am!) I feel more relaxed and mentally ready to tackle the 20 miler tomorrow morning.

My running pal, B, also sent me a more detailed e-mail about this year’s race that held some good news! My marathon is a tiny one (only 160 runners last year!) I’d heard terrible reviews about lack of bathrooms (none until mile 9), lack of hydration (only water until mile 17) and no other fuel until mile 19. The web site is HORRIBLE this year, so I really was in the dark about what was happening this year until my buddy contacted the race director herself and got some answers to our questions. Turns out, there WILL be aid stations every 2 miles for the entire race! Yay!!! Maybe I won’t need my Camelbak after all. I’m still not sure about the bathrooms -but usually I’m ok until about the midpoint, so that shouldn’t be a problem unless I get a nervous stomach.  that doesn’t happen!!!

TODAY is exactly one month until my Marathon, girls!!! Can you believe I’m this close?! I’m getting butterflies — but I’m also excited. There’s no looking back now, guys!  Enjoy your Labor Day Weekends! (Oh – have I ever mentioned that Wayne and I met on Labor Day Weekend? This weekend we’ll celebrate 12 years together!!!)

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