Just got a text from my running pal! She’s not going camping after all! Run is back on for Saturday!  I think I’ll take a nice breath now that one more day is in between me and that 20 miler. Darn it, though! I was planning on doing 8 miles of speedwork tonight before that message and now my dh has left to watch football with my BIL and some guys — so — no speedwork after all. I feel kind of disappointed with myself this week.  I’m only going to get 2 runs in instead of 3.  I was excited to do my first ever 30 mile week and now it’s only going to be 22. I did do an awesome first week of homeschooling with the kids and I made great meals all week and the house is cleaner than usual – but doggone it — I was really jazzed to get all 3 workouts. Someone remind me that it’s ok and that I’ll still be just fine and this won’t set me back horribly for the race.

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