Hmm….the past couple of days my right knee is aching a bit. I know from talking to other marathoners that at this point in the training, it’s pretty common for some aches and pains to start rearing their ugly heads. Hopefully, it’s nothing, but thought I’d document it here in case it’s still bugging me in another couple of weeks. Time to get back to doing those wall-sits I’m always recommending for everyone else. They really do strengthen and stabilize the knees!

And, completely off topic but funny — can you believe that when I buy the 24 pack of chocolate chip eggo waffles — it’s nearly empty after ONE breakfast with my kids! And dh isn’t even home!  Where DO my babies put all that food?!!!

And, last thing….when I updated my journal after my short run last night, I admit I hesitated when it came time to update my monthly miles ticker! Last month I hit 102.57!!!! I just lingered with my fingers over the keyboard, a little sad to delete the evidence of all that hard work from last month — and a bit intimidated to start that long climb back UP again in numbers! Go ahead – take a look! Doesn’t it look puny today?!!!  I know —(rolling up my sleeves) — time to remind myself to stay strong, keep the focus and keep running towards that Holy Grail again! Mar-a-thon! Mar-a-thon!!!!

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