Tonight was my “easy 2 miler”. I was feeling pretty good out there and went a bit faster than I was supposed to. Goal pace was supposed to be 11:43 min/mile and I did my 2 in 19:36 (1st mile – 10:34, 2nd mile – 9:02). It felt good! Since I had a hectic week with homeschooling starting back up again, this workout is late! It was supposed to be Monday. So….I still have an 8 mile speed workout I need to get done before Saturday (my 20 mile long run). I’m planning on getting the 8 miler in tomorrow, even though I try not to run back-to-back. Since I pushed the pace tonight – not sure how that will affect my pace tomorrow. I plan to keep it conservative – but I’ll see how I feel and play it by ear. Don’t want to affect my 20 miler by doing it too fast and ending up bonking in the long run.

I can’t believe I’m going to run 20 miles in a few days!!! WOW!  And, it’s even harder to believe my marathon is one month from Friday! Trying not to hyperventilate when I think about it!

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