Brrrrrrr — That’s all I have to say about tonight’s WINDY run! Temp. 48. 13 mph winds and 32% humidity, while dark out! The temps I liked pretty well. I wore tights and a jacket because of the wind though and it was a good plan. Just BRRRRR! My nose and eyes were watering the whole time from the wind.

Anyhoo, I didn’t have to endure it too long. It was just a 2 miler tonight at a very easy pace. I played with my Garmin again. I was curious what would happen if I intentionally went slower than the virtual partner. I wondered if it would say “You lose” and if the watch would stop calculating mileage and time once it recorded the workout mileage I’d entered. Turns out, it does sing a shorter song and says “Workout complete”, which was nicer than telling me I lost.  But.. it DID stop recording on it’s own once it hit 2 miles. I was kind of hoping it would keep going. The reason is I’m debating about weather or not to use this feature for my marathon. On the one hand, during the run, it showed one of my screens divided horizontally with the current lap pace on top and my distance either ahead or behind the virtual partner on the bottom. If I was ahead, the bottom screen stayed light colored, whereas if I fell behind the screen at the bottom went nearly black (though I could still see the distance I was behind.) Kind of motivating! I could click through to another quick workout screen and see again two screens divided horizontally. Two tiny stick figures were actually racing on those. So.. I could watch myself run alongside the virtual partner, beat her or fall behind her. Kind of cute!

When I got back home, I stretched indoors to get out of the blasted wind. I’m glad I did. Savannah sauntered up wearing her red pengiun sweatsuit over which she was also wearing a cinderella dress up ballroom gown. She was barefoot and cute as a button. As soon as she saw me stretching against the wall, she copied my move and started stretching too as she said “I stwetching, Mama.” When I switched legs, she switched. This went on for several minutes while I grinned from ear to ear. Hmm.. Maybe I have a future runner on my hands here already!


I am down to 4 days left until the Marathon!!!! FOUR days!!! I’m really very excited!  Amazingly, I seem to be over my race jitters. Guess I just got a really bad case that went away before the “normal” people get them. I always have been sort of an oddball.  I feel really calm. Eager, excited and just happy! I think it will be a pretty cool day no matter what my time is. Imagine — I’ve been dreaming of this day for 14 years and it’s about to come true! Wow… just wow!

Today Wayne and I had an appointment, so my parents came and watched the kids for us. Much to our surprise, the appointment went very fast, so we had some free time on our hands (and baby sitters!!) So.. he took me to see The Proposal at the dollar movie place! Hee hee hee. We felt like two kids playing hookey from school!!!! I seriously laughed so hard at that movie and loved it!  I still feel naughty that my parents thought we were at our meeting the whole time — and we were really on a date for most of it! So bad…………….. – but so fun!!


Just came home from my last speed session for the marathon program! It called for a tempo run totaling 5 miles. 1 mile warmup. 3 miles at tempo pace of 10:19, then 1 mile cooldown. I drove to my favorite path in town. Hadn’t been there in a while, so it was a treat.  It runs along a stream, there are cows and goats in fields on the opposite side of the stream running path and there are a million gazillion DUCKS everywhere you look! I seriously almost tripped over groups of them over and over tonight.  There are wonderous old trees lining most of the path. The braches curve over your head almost like a lush ceiling. It’s lovely. (This is actually the path that is very close to my birthing center, so I have strong memories of my last two labors as I jog there since I walked this path during labor twice with Wayne.)

Anyhoo…. I just felt good tonight. Went ahead and decided to play with my Garmin tonight. I used the quick workout feature that let’s me “race” a virtual partner on the course. I told it I wanted to do the entire 5 miles at the 10:19 pace (vs the 3 middle ones) and just went with it. It was fun! I did the 5 miles in 48:17 with an average pace of 9:39. I was dodging old grannies and grandpas holding hands out on strolls and families with their small children on bikes and in strollers –but I felt so good! It’s weird! That’s SO much faster than I usually run! I guess I’m peaking right in time for my marathon. I’m not changing my newfound “laid back” attitude towards the marathon and expecting to run it fast at all. But.. mentally, doing this tonight DID give me a positive mental boost. It helped my confidence. 

Once the 5 miles was over my watch sang a tiny electronic song and said “YOU WIN!”  I beat the virtual partner! That was cool!

My splits were: 9:30, 8:49, 9:55, 9:50 and 10:11. Afterwards, I reset the watch and walked 10 minutes (.55 mile) to cooldown really well.

It was a VERY good workout!


6 more sleeps!!!! 

Projected forecast — showers — temps 43 – 65 (perfect!!!) and winds 11 mph (might be nice to have a breeze!)


One week from today —-is my marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Current forecast is saying RAIN and temps from mid 30’s to mid 40’s! Great temps but I’m a little nervous about rain for 5 + hours!!! I usually say I love to run in the rain – but I’ve never done a race in it! I think I might wear a hat with a brim. Hmm…..

B and I’ve teen texting this morning. She found a feature on our Garmins that actually lets you choose “marathon” as your quick workout. It will show the total distance before you start and show the numbers decreasing as you go. And, you’ll see the tiny virtual partner and the tiny virtual stick figure you – racing – to see if you can “beat” the estimated time it will take to do the race. Still not sure if I’ll use this feature on race day, but it’s neat looking. I’m leaning towards using my usual data windows instead (average pace/current pace for main window), distance, time, pace and average pace for window two, and a GIANT CURRENT PACE window instead. 

I think I like knowing that my watch will just record the data as it goes – including beyond the distance in case I take a wrong turn or something! I want credit for every step!  I know it’s a certified course -but of course you have to run right down the middle of the road for that exact measurement. If you stay to one side or the other, you’re actually adding a tiny bit of distance to the race. So.. I want credit wherever my feet fall!


My husband is a doll!  He drove us around the entire marathon course today so I’d know what to expect and so he could choose good spots to let the kids cheer for me!  He’s also going to be giving me my Gatorade since the race is serving a drink I’ve never trained with, so I’ll see him and the children every 2 – 3 miles! There are benefits to having such a small race since I’ll likely get to see my family so often!  Have I mentioned my marathon has usually only had about 160 participants each year? It’s a certified course – even a Boston Qualifier –but it’s a teeny, tiny marathon. Just my style!


Just finished up my LAST long run before the marathon! I met up with my pal B and her twin sister L (who I haven’t seen much since our high school graduation.) It was SO fun running with both of my pals!!!! We grew up together in a really tiny town, so we have a lot of memories of being little kids together. 

We ran by a lake, alongside some apple and peach orchards and by some vineyards (for those who didn’t know – Idaho is well known for it’s wineries and it’s potatoes!) I admit to doing something naughty that I never thought I would do. I stole an apple off one of the apple trees and ate it on the run! My friends made me do it!  It was really juicy!!!!  There were SO many hills on the run, that my right hip is feeling it. I just took some ibuprofin, so hopefully it won’t be anything to be concerned about. Only a week and a day until my MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s stats – 8.31 miles — and I’ll just say — a really long time!  It was fun. THEN, we got to visit a friends’ house of theirs — and I got to hold a 3 week old, 5 lb, itty, bitty, beautiful baby boy!!!! Awwwwwwwww. That was pretty special!


I feel calm today. I think the combination of having my Mom (who’s a runner) and two other experienced marathon pals soothe my nerves yesterday and Wayne sending me out shopping for some new things — I gained control of my emotions again and I’m fine again. Wow, I felt mental there for a few days! Taper Madness is REAL!  But… not onto getting my race mentality going. I feel so much better right now.  It’s going to be ok!


Guess what I did tonight? I bought two new pairs of shorts since the only ones I have left fall off when I walk.  Wanna know what size they were????? 4!!!!!! I’m certain it was vanity sizing since the L.E.I. jeans I tried in on a size 5 were really tight — but — I’ll take it!  I did finally get a new bra too. The only one I have left is way too big. I ended up having to buy a 36D. The 34D felt so good at the band but it was just not fully covering my chest like it should. Just a bit was still peeking out the sides. What a bummer they don’t sell 34DD since that would be the perfect size. I feel so excited, though. When I went through my huge stash of clothing and bras recently to give them away — I found my biggest bra of all – a 44DDD. I wore that one while pregnant or nursing. It really is like a miracle to see bits of pieces of my wardrobe getting smaller. It’s surreal — in a good way. 

Know what I did with the rest of my size 12’s and 10’s? I gave them to a friend who’s lost 75 lbs in the last year!  It felt great to help her celebrate her loss with some new duds and it made me really happy to give those clothes a new home as a concrete way of saying “That is no longer who I am and I’m moving on in faith that I will never gain that weight back again.”

Running really has given me back my health, my peace of mind (other that during a marathon taper apparently – ha ha), friendships with other runners and some self-esteem that I’d lost a long time ago. I’m SO thankful that I had the courage to take those first steps, guys. I really didn’t think I could do it at first. I’m SO glad I just kept trying. I’m about to do a marathon! A MARATHON!!!! Wow. It’s really coming true. My dream I’ve held for almost 15 years since my Mom did hers.  I’m very happy.


I’m finally to the point I can look up the 10 day forecast and see the day before the race. It’s supposed to RAIN that day! 60% chance! Trying….not…to….worry.