Setting up your Garmin is loads of fun – and as my friend, B and I know – it something you’ll be doing over and over while you find out all the fun things it can do!!!!! Did you set up your display screens yet? When I run, I like to have pace, distance and time on one of the screens ( you can choose up to 4 things per screen) – and you’ll have 2 regular screens and 1 “running” screen –so you can scroll through the three screens on a run – which means you could be looking at 12 bits of data if you really wanted to.  I like to have “average pace”, “elevation” “grade” (if hills are on the workout), sunset time (if I’m trying to avoid the dark), best pace, etc. But, honestly, I change the screens pretty often depending on what I’m interested in. Sometimes I’ll even go to just one GIANT display of pace for one of the screens even. I know you’ll love playing around with your new toy!

I don’t use the “reset” button/lap button on my speedwork. That’s just a personal preference. I just do one workout and when I load the Garmin info into my PC later, it will breakdown the miles so I can see my splits. Some people prefer to make each segment of the speedwork a separate “workout” or “lap” by holding that reset button. I hate having to touch more buttons that I need to when I’m trying to be fast — but that’s just me.  Either way will work!

When I first got my Garmin, I set an alarm to go off if I got under pace. You could do that — but I warn you — on the cool down and warm ups it will keep BEEPING at you to say GO FASTER –  — My favorite alarm is the mile one! It beeps at me at each mile and I find that immensely helpful! You could also set up your Garmin with the virtual partner — so that you are “racing” a tiny stick figure on your watch. It’s a hoot to do this on a speedworkout and if you “win” the watch will sing a little song and the screen will say, “YOU WIN”.  (Just a note — try to make your virtual buddy a bit slower than you think you can go the first time. You don’t want to have a grudge against your “buddy” early on.) ha ha

Remember to warm up before you run hard for your workout tonight. Warm up should be easy — can even start as walking. Don’t forgot to cool down too. Enjoy your speedwork!!!

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