I’m so jazzed! A new Sports Authority just went up in my town. I’d never been in one before. They mailed out $25 coupons on purchases over $100 — so… I moseyed on in and found myself surrounded by tons of cute running gear! I found my EXACT Asics Cumuls 10 running shoes (which always put me back about $100 for $69.99 and snagged a pair of those (I’ll wrap them up and give them to myself for Christmas since that’s about when my other pairs will need retired) and I finally bought a Camel Bak 50 oz Hydration pack for those long, thirsty runs! I’d been wanting one for a while but was determined to make do with my “fanny pack” style one that holds my water as long as I could. Well…that darn thing has been fallling to pieces. I had to put 4 pinch clip things across the latest tear on the bottom — dang classy, huh? They weren’t working well either. I kept dropping coins and saw my car keys poking out of the bottom. So….this Camel Bak is my birthday gift to myself (so what if it’s like 2 months early, right? I needed it!)
Here’s a picture of what it’s like:

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