Ok, I’m a goof!  I wrote my last post and then started to edit the part where I wrote “5 – 6 mi/p/hr” since I meant to say 5 and 6 min miles. I was interrupted by Wayne bringing home some delicious, mouth-watering pizza, breadsticks and little pies!!! I could not resist!  Anyways…. my Garmin actually said I made it up to 12 mph at my fastest on the 13th (mind you, that was for like 3/10th of a mile – but it still made me SO proud!!!!) Ok.. now I need to tidy this place up a bit so Wayne and I can watch the Twilight movie tonight! I’m a new fan thanks to my sister-in-law who loaned me her book while we were on vacation! I finished it last night and I’m SO addicted now!!!!!!

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