It rained here today. Ahhhhhhh  I ran this evening and couldn’t stop taking in deep, heavenly, fresh breaths!!! We don’t get alot of rain here in the wild, wild, west – so it’s a real treat when it happens.

The temps were perfect – in the 70’s. I wasn’t feeling rushed — but I just could NOT find my groove tonight. I often have this problem on the shorter scheduled runs. Apparently I take awhile to really warm up and find my zone. Until I’m in my groove, I sort of feel like a stiff, awkward robot, trying to work on my form. “Run taller!”, “Relax your shoulders!”, “Work on turnover!” “Don’t overstride!”.. you get the idea. I suppose in the early miles I’m coaching myself and trying to improve – but I don’t always enjoy it as much. Somewhere around mile 3 my little inner voice said to me, “Are we having fun yet?” and I remembered — that’s the point. I slowed down my already VERY slow pace tonight and just let myself enjoy the moment. Then I felt a little better. Too bad at that point I was staring at my house again and the run was over. Guess I’ll have that little talk with myself earlier next short run! 

It’s ok, though. It was a nice enough run. Just 3.07 miles (the schedule called for 2 but I couldn’t stop, so I only rebelled a little!!!) I’d better get used to these itty bitty runs though. In the next 8 weeks leading up to the marathon, my schedule calls for 8 small ones just like it.

Ok, big news!!! My Garmin has now reached 400 miles!!!  It would have reached them last Saturday – but you know…. the battery wasn’t charged, so my LEGS have ran more than that — but — it really did make me want to do a little cartwheel when I saw that. I live for milestones, baby!!!!

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