I got in my 7 mile speedwork tonight. Schedule called for a warm up, 3 x 1600 (a mile each) at 9:38 with 800 meter jogs/walks in between for recovery then a cooldown for a total of 7 miles. It went well, despite it getting dark and it being very windy as I ran that first speedy mile (it’s MUCH harder I find to run into the wind ) I’m proud of myself. I did the speed splits in 9:21, 9:15 and 9:35 so I stayed on pace pretty good!

After my horrible experience with taking too many shot blox on my last long run (I think I ate 2 total – but that was just too much for my weak stomach!!)  I was so nauseated by the end of my 14 miler. My training buddy encouraged me to try something different this week — jelly beans! She said I should see if I could get my gut used to taking them while running and see how it went before our 16 miler on Sat. SO.. I tried them tonight (you should have seen all the big eyes, smiles and hands out I found myself surrounded by as I packed my fuel belt tonight when they saw THOSE ) I did share and had a hard time convincing them these jelly beans were serious racing fuel.  Anyways… I still don’t think I’m handling taking in fuel well. I always do better with just water or some gatorade — even that though can make me ill if I drink it a little at every mile. I hope I can figure this stuff out before my big race!!!!! I’m almost to the halfway point in my training. At the end of this week, I’ll have 8 weeks to the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s still pretty daunting thinking of running an 18 miler and 2 20’s before the big day (with some shorter “long” runs spaced in there too according to the schedule.)

Another thing on my mind is weather or not I should implement the advice of Jeff Galloway and make one of those longer runs a 26 miler about 3 weeks before the real race (though at a slower pace with lots of walk breaks of course.) He says that mentally you feel better on race day if you’ve already done the distance and I tend to agree. Many marathon schedules have you go either 18 or 20 as your max run before you do the race – usually 2-3 times leading up to the big day. Since I’ve been using the smart coach training schedule from www.runnersworld.com — I’ve been sticking to it pretty strictly though – and it doesn’t call for that longer distance. I think I’ll have to keep that one on the back burner and simmer on it a while.

I felt a bit of soreness from the start tonight in my hips but overall I felt pretty good. I am nervous that I’ll “hit the wall” again on Saturday — but I’m praying I am pleasantly surprised and can handle it fine. With my Garmin charged and there for me – I know I’ll do better than I did!! Also, when my buddy stopped to talk to her nice friends from her gym (we talked for about 15 min after mile 12) — it really threw me a bit. The heat was about 100 by that point and I was already nauseous – so those last two miles were so hard! I think throwing in the fact that I had no idea what pace I was running or how far I had to go really made it tough too. I’d also only slept about 2 hours the night before. So…. goals for this week — get good sleep, eat plenty of carbs the night before, go easy on the fuel so I don’t overdo and CHARGE the Garmin!  Hopefully, it’ll go beautifully!

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