My brother in law ran the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon yesterday — and finished. He won’t share his time, but I’m just proud of him for finishing! 

Today the headlines tell me that Kara Goucher won the ENTIRE RACE in 1 hour 8 min 5 seconds!!!  The second place woman finished in 1:21:50. – so she was REALLY far ahead of her! She beat the fastest man by 19 seconds! How stinking cool is that?!!! She was using this race as a training run! Can you imagine? Deena Kastor holds the U.S. Record for the half in 1:07 – so even though she wasn’t gunning for the record -she came very close to catching it! There were over 14,000 participants – roughly half of them men. Kara has been one of my heros for quite a while! I love that she’s 31 years old, too.  Kind of makes you rethink what a woman over 30 can accomplish!!!

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