That 14 + mile run was the most fun and most difficult run of the year!!!!!!!  My buddy and I BOTH had Garmin issues (both our fault, not the watches – we forgot to recharge them!) Argh! We were able to get enough energy out of hers to record the first half of the run, then the watch died on the return. But it was enough to know we’d made our 14 miles and a bit (about a third of a mile or so we guessed.) We both just FLEW on the first half! I swear it was like we were making no effort at all. AND – without my Garmin on my wrist telling me to slow down — I just didn’t.

The temperature hit about 100 at the midpoint – and there was little tree cover there as well. I also tried eating more Shox Blox — and ended up nauseous for the last 3 miles. I seemed to “hit the wall” at mile 12 today (which is also my furthest distance to date and one I’ve only done once – and that was last week.) I could feel my shoulders slumping at the end, my lower back was screaming in pain and my right toes felt like they were broken. I was hot, thirsty and naseous. But, my pal was amazing – she’s so strong and just kept prodding me along saying “Almost there! You can do it!” It helped!

Once we hit the parking lot and I realized the run was over I was so relieved and happy! We high-fived  and then we took off our shoes and walked right into the River (the FREEZING cold river – how is that even possible in 100 degree temps – but it was so cold!) We waded out and then just sat right now in that freezing water and let our tired, sore legs soak in that cold (kind of like an ice bath!)  It was fun and we chatted and laughed and enjoyed the stares of others at the two crazy runners sitting in the river cooling off.

I’m home now and I’m so sore. It was a great run! Next week we’ve got a 16 miler scheduled!!! I will do everything in my power to make sure my watch is there for me next week — and I’ll work on handling the fuel better during my shorter runs this week too (I’m going to try jelly beans instead to see how that goes.) I admit that I had my first doubts on this run. The thoughts of “Can I really do this?”, “Will I be able to run 26 miles in 9 weeks” etc — were whispering in my ear at miles 12, 13 and 14. They were tough. It was harder than I thought it would be — but —- I’ll keep training, I’ll keep getting stronger — and I will be a marathoner when this is all over!!!!!!

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