Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by.  My weight is still bouncing around. I’m 130.4 today. I peeked back at my weight on day 8 of my cycle last month and saw I was 134.4 – so there has definitely been improvement! Not sure I’ll see 127 before the trip to Yellowstone to see the relatives — but I’m still hopeful!

I’ve been eating terrible still — but have been trying to eat less when I do so! Last night my parents called and invited us over for rootbeer floats AND brownies! The kids and Wayne enjoyed themselves – and I tried to just nibble the corner of one brownie and take only two sips of of my rootbeer float so that I wouldn’t seem like a party pooper.  My stomach is really feeling sick from all the crap I’ve been eating the past week and a half though. I’m really hoping I can just plow along through the stress that’s going on and get my eating back on track.

My Mom and Dad both noticed that I’ve lost weight when I saw them last night, which was pretty great! Usually my parents and I are within 5 lbs of each other’s weight! My Dad is 5’4″ and weighs about 140 and my Mom is 5’3″ and usually weighs 135-140 too. My little sister and her family showed up at the end. She was proud of me too. My sis is a teensy weensy little thing. One of those lucky gals who still looks the way she did in high school (she weighs about 110 and is 5’1″), but has never ever been on a diet or exercised a day in her life. I wonder what that’s like?  It’s ok, though, seeing my tiny sister is always motivating to me.

The van is behaving itself still (knock on wood.) Wayne decided to drive it to work every day this week to see if he can make it “misbehave” again or not since the shop said that might be the only way to find out what’s wrong since it passed all the computer tests when we brought it in. It really would be wonderful if it would just behave nicely so we can focus on our upcoming trip and I don’t miss anymore training runs though!

My schedule calls for an easy 3 miler tonight, a 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday and a 14 mile long run with my pal on Saturday. Should be a fun running week!  As long as I can keep juggling my running schedule and get in 24 miles the week before I head on vacation (including one 16 miler), I’ll feel much better while I’m gone since I’ll have “caught up” the big runs I was needing to do before I went. I’m still going to try to get in three runs while I’m gone – but with the altitude change, the scary wildlife in the area who like to eat runner’s for lunch, the fact that I have no idea of running paths in the area and the busy schedule Wayne’s sister has set up of “things we all will do together” I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to run a whole lot. So…. we’ll see how it goes! If I get 2 runs in that week, I’ll consider myself doing good!

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